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Anerene-RossouwAnerene believes in people and their ability to transform their lives.  Her mission is to help others to feel inspired about life and courageous enough to set a clear focus on achieving their ultimate desires and ambitions.




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Name of Practice: Anerene Rossouw life coaching
Where: Cape Town, Western Cape
Born: 1980
Qualifications: BCom Informatics, New Insights certified life coach (PRO level).
Specialises in: Genereal life coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching
(couples and pre-maritals)
Unique Selling Proposition: I set the focus on you! We discuss, plan, analyse
and then take action. I believe in people and in their ability to change.
Fees: R300-R399 per session.
COMENSA Registered: Yes
Contact: Click here

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“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running
up and down the field and never score.” 

Bill Copeland


What is Life Coaching?

A life coach assists you to set your focus, and motivates and supports you in reaching your true potential. A life coach will challenge you to think outside your life’s box. Life coaching is a personal development programme aimed at encouraging people to realise their full potential by making positive and lasting changes.

Think of life coaching in the same manner as you would sports coaching. Tennis coaches, for example, teach you new moves and assists you to improve your skills so you can become the best possible player. They encourage you to focus and will hold you accountable. Life coaching is similar. A life coach will focus  on you and on what you want to achieve. Life coaches encourage and motivate change. They will expose you to new concepts and assist you to release your true potential – helping make you the best at what you can do. A life coach will help you to redesign your life and put you on the path to finding your life’s purpose.

About the Art of Life:

The Art of Life is a personal development journey that focuses on you!  It assists you in achieving your true potential and thus enables you to make the best choices in life.  It will give you a new lease on life and get you excited about your life purpose, whilst making lasting life changes.

About Me:

I love having good conversations, meeting new people, and debating. I love to learn new things and I get excited when I figure something out. I try and find the fun things in life. I enjoy a challenge and am happiest when I am busy. Getting the job done is very rewarding. I am a natural communicator and enjoy connecting with all types of people.

I have a BCom in Informatics and enjoyed working in the corporate world before becoming a life coach. In the corporate world, I worked as an Applications Consultant. My responsibilities included going to clients to discuss best practices and advising them on which changes would benefit them. I moved up the ladder and I am now responsible for the Call Centre.

Completing the New Insights Life Coach Training course has made me a better consultant and team leader. It inspired me to assist others with life’s challenges. I have always been searching, trying to find my life’s purpose, dreams, and desires. There must be more to life than daily living and let’s face it, life is not easy. Life coaching has shown me that life is all about the journey.  If you are on the right path, then the journey is exciting, fulfilling, and worth taking. I have learnt that all we need to achieve our personal aims in life is to set our focus and stay determined. I believe I have found my calling in life and wish to assist others to find theirs.

How Does it Work?

You embark on a thirteensession journey which may be completed individually, as a couple, or as a group.  Within a supportive, caring, and inspirational environment, you will be exposed to techniques to uncover and then eliminate unhelpful behaviour and thought patterns in your life.

The sessions take about one to one and a half hours each.  We spend some time getting to know each other, then we focus on you! We place emphasis on what you would like to achieve in life, and what will help you to achieve it.  Through the next thirteen sessions, you can look forward to growth and finding your path to personal freedom.

My goal is to empower you to make the changes in your life that will see you achieving your true potential.  By discussing all possible options for the road ahead, your self-confidence will be built, enabling you to face all life’s challenges with strength and wisdom.

“Everyone needs a life coach!”

– Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

How to contact me:

Please click on the tab ‘Request a Life Coach’ above, enter your details and then choose my name from the drop down list of coaches. I’ll get back to you within 72 hours 🙂



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