Arjan Bogaers

Arjan BogaersArjan Bogaers brings with him some 30 years of experience in the health care sector as a hospital nurse, therapist and chronic illness/disability coach and counsellor.

Through his practice, Heart and Soul Coaching, Arjan provides support for people who live with chronic illness and/or disability. Coaching is offered as an integral part of the recovery process and aims to assist clients to move forward with renewed motivation and purpose.

Heart and Soul furthermore specialises in existential coaching and counselling – helping clients to find the purpose and meaning that they believe to be missing from their lives.


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Name of Practice: Heart and Soul Coaching and Counselling.
Where: Online practice operated from the Western Cape.
Born: 1960.
Qualifications: Counselling Diploma (CTAA & Blackford Institute),
New Insights Certified Life Coach.
Specialises in: Coaching and Counselling for chronic illness and/or disability;
existential coaching and counselling.
Unique Selling Proposition: Provision of individual support for people who
live with chronic illness and/or disability through a unique email coaching
format that is both accessible and affordable and accommodates the clients’
special circumstances.
Fees: R600 – R699 per session, negotiable. Entire facilitated New Insights
coaching programme offered for an upfront payment of R7 800 or two equal
instalments of R4 000 each.
Coaching Body Membership: No
Contact: Click here

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Arjan Bogaers, New Insights Certified Life Coach


The Role of Coaching in Chronic Illness and Disability

Few events challenge all areas of one’s life in the way that the onset of chronic illness and/or disability does.

The entire structure of your life – your work, your finances, your future vision and your personal relationships and roles – can come crashing down. Your very sense of self and of the purpose of your life come under intense scrutiny.

As you find yourself a lost traveller in a strange land, many deeply upsetting emotional and psychological processes can occur while you try to find your way. This development can be identified by three profound stages:


The first stage involves the experience of feeling loss and being lost.

You become separated from everything your life once held – from your health, your personal roles, your work, and from everything that ‘could have been’. In essence, you become separated from the person you once were. This is the Crisis Phase, as described in the Four-phase Fennel Model, and is characterised by emotional states of Denial, Anger, and Bargaining.


This is what I call ‘The In-between Space’.

Liminality is derived from ‘Limen’, meaning threshold. This involves feeling suspended between all that was but is no longer on the one hand, and that which can be, but is as yet without shape or form on the other. This is the Stabilisation Phase as described in the Four-phase Fennel Model, and is characterised by the emotional state of Depression.

Gains and Finding Yourself

This is the stage of Reintegration.

By now, your condition and all its associated symptoms, limitations, changed needs and required behaviors have become your new reality. From here on it is your task to find renewed trust, purpose and direction. This is the Resolution and Integration Phase as described in the Four-phase Fennel Model. Reluctantly at first and slowly, the emotional state becomes one of Acceptance.


Within the context of this development, the first two stages in this arduous process require delicate, slow and compassionate care and attention. You are likely to be in shock, frightened and very vulnerable. Those are not times of assertive action and future focus in the first place.

Only later, during reintegration, are you emotionally and psychologically ready to map out a new direction to your life. Questions relating to your life’s quality and purpose which may have been quite overwhelming at first, now take on a more definite shape: “What is still possible for me?”, “How can I express my values?” and “How can I still find enjoyment?”


Limitation and Potential

One way of finding a new direction in life is by designing so-called meaningful and purposeful goals. And this is exactly the point of departure in the New Insights Coaching Programme.

Through 13 carefully designed Sessions, each with its own theme and accompanying tasks, you will take your new reality by the hand and you will find within you hitherto unknown strength, understanding, and self-care when you need it most.

We read that “At the core of the New Insights philosophy stands the belief that every person has the capability to be, do and have anything he or she desires”.

In the case of chronic illness and/or disability, however, what we desire and what we can are two different realities, separated by a vast space.

I would suggest though, that it is in this very space where we develop your strongest qualities. It is in this space where we can create something that did not exist before.

Usually, we feel that our limitations keep us from achieving our greatest potential. But could it be that in our very limitations our greatest potential is hidden?

More than the events themselves, our response to our restraints and limitations will determine what can be recreated in terms of quality of life and life purpose. When that happens, the question regarding the meaning of your life can actually become reversed: it is life asking you what it can expect from you.

It is possible at any time to recommit to your life, no matter its trials and challenges.

This Coaching Program can furthermore be an ideal part of any clinical and caring support structure you already have. You might also find great benefit by working through the course together with your partner or your carer. The special email format (see below) presented by Heart and Soul Coaching and Counseling makes that possible.


Email Coaching

Although somewhat untraditional at first, email coaching has been gaining considerably in demand and use due to its numerous advantages:

  • Bypassing time-consuming travel enables you to fit this coaching work into your daily personal and professional obligations.
  • Since the coach has only a few overheads in terms of renting consulting rooms, the sessions can be offered at a competitive rate.
  • Together with avoiding the costs of travel, this reduces the total costs of an entire coaching program significantly.
  • You do not have to plan and keep fixed appointments, which is especially of importance when, as a result of chronic illness and/or disability, your energy, capabilities, and symptoms are unpredictable.
  • Clients in this same group of people are often (partly) housebound. To be able to be coached without having to disrupt your supportive routines is essential.
  • Although coaching is not a therapy, it does have definite therapeutic qualities, which are enhanced by the reflective and contemplative act of writing.
  • The client is assisted every step of the way by the coach through unlimited email exchanges.
  • Each session is accompanied by additional articles and exercises relevant to the client’s goals and needs.
  • Through its clear methodology and structure, email coaching will create a valuable written record of all the communications between you and your coach, to be referred to even long after the course has come to an end.
  • Due to its nature, email coaching eliminates the issues of transference and countertransference.
  • Many people find more comfort, freedom, and ability to reflect in writing than they do during face-to-face office consultations.
  • All communications can be conducted via encrypted email accounts. Your coach uses the Swiss-based Proton Mail platform, to be combined with any other email platform. If you would wish to create ultimate confidentiality, however, it would be a matter of minutes for you to sign up for the free Proton Mail service.
  • The free intake procedure will enable you to come to a fully informed decision regarding the suitability of this coaching for you.


Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction

Ends up being the biggest step in your life.

Tiptoe if you must, but make that step.


On a Personal Note

I was born in the Netherlands in 1960 and developed into an adventurous youth who travelled and worked throughout Mediterranean Europe.

My travels eventually brought me to South Africa in 1984, and several years later I began my career in the healthcare sector as a student hospital nurse in Cape Town. After completion, in my desire to broaden my knowledge and experience in healthcare I opted to work for Weleda South Africa and  learn about the proper use of homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies, and supplements.

In 1994 I moved to the small village of McGregor in the countryside of the Western Cape. Between 1998 and 2008 I practiced for 10 years as the in-house therapist at Temenos Retreat Centre, combining that function with private care work.

In 2008, the deterioration of a spinal injury resulting from a much earlier MVA, caused sudden impairment and severe chronic pain, forcing me to abandon all my hands-on care work. This was a big crisis in my life, not in the least because of the lack of a clear future prognosis regarding my functioning. As things are now, I am, on average, 40% physically impaired.

This was, by all means, a turning point in my life, offering what in the New Insights jargon is referred to as a ‘defining moment’: a moment that asked me to redefine my life.

In having to start all over again at age 49, New Insights Coaching was an essential source of support, focus and hope in my recovery. Subsequent certification allowed me to establish my practice, Heart and Soul in 2011.

Since then I have coached people in many areas of their lives, and also provided coaching to youngsters at the local youth development centre.

Seeking to specialise , I expanded my skills with certified trainings in counselling (CTAA and Blackford Inst.), psychology & treatment of depression, coaching for chronic illness and disability, psychology of the elderly and how to coach and counsel by email. Continued education remains part of my professional development.

For several years now, Heart and Soul Coaching and Counseling has been assisting people through life-changing events. It is my conviction that whatever shadow we encounter in our life is not there to create darkness, but for us to find our light behind it.


Contact me

For any questions, additional information, to request a range of online Heart and Soul booklets and/or to book an appointment to discuss coaching with me please click here and select my name from the drop down list of life coaches.


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