Carmen Smit

Carmen SmitCarmen wants to walk the life coaching journey with anyone over the age of 16 years who feels they need a change in their life or anyone with dreams who feels stuck and doesn’t know how to move forward. She is passionate about helping to make others successful.

Whether you are a young adult or a more senior member of society, Carmen specialises in helping you to find out who and what you want to be and helping you get there.

Carmen coaches on multiple platforms including but not limited to Skype, telephone, face-to-face or online conferencing.


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Name of Practice: cscoaching.
Where: Randburg,  Gauteng.
Born: 1985.
Qualifications: New Insights Certified Life Coach (PRO level).
Specialises in: Bringing about the personal changes required to make clients’
dreams a reality.
Unique Selling Proposition: A genuine passion for helping people of almost
any age to live abundant lives and to be the best and most successful that
they can be in life.
Fees: R500-R599 per session. First session free. 10% discount for upfront
commitment to the full 13-session programme of coaching.
COMENSA Registered: No.
Contact: Click here

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Carmen Smit, New Insights Certified PRO Life Coach

About me:

I coach because I love to watch the way people grow during the process.

I found my passion for people a while ago and since then I have been doing everything I can and know how, to show people how to live an abundant life; to show people how to find their own greener pastures. Being a guide to people is the greatest privilege ever bestowed upon me.

While my clients grow and overcome their own limitations, my limitations, both as a coach and a person, are also challenged. I enjoy that challenge of expanding comfort zones and changing lives for the better. I find growing with my clients are both rewarding and exciting. I am truly honoured to be a part of my clients’ journey to success. I learn and grow with my clients as they grow, sharing their setbacks, uncomfortableness, their reluctance to change, their breakthroughs, their victories, their ability to overcome and their new understanding of what they believe to be the best and most successful that they can be in life.

My passion is having you as a client and helping you find your dream, passion and purpose; to be a part of designing your future and helping you get there.

Who I prefer to work with:

I want to walk this journey with anyone over the age of 16 years that needs a change in their life; anyone that has dreams but are feeling stuck; anyone that needs to find where they need to be and everyone that already knows but doesn’t know how to get there.

My services are available to everyone over the age of 16 years. From a young person choosing what to study to the more experienced members of our world.


What I require of you, to be my client:

I ask you only to invest the time and commitment to be the best ‘you’ that you know how to be; to reach for your dreams, become the best role model to yourself that you can and to find your way to the purpose that you are born to fulfill.

What life coaching with me will entail:

I would like to work with you on the most important aspects of your life, such as: Emotional, Health, Partner, Vocation/Business, Education, Financial/Money, Personal Development, Family/social, Spiritual.

I will assist you to discover how to create the building blocks of a successful life by setting solid goals, then I will help you break down those goals into the stepping stones that will pave the way to your success by evaluating your resources and setting milestones.

I will show you how you can break down any negative or obstructive beliefs and build empowering beliefs that create motivation. I will guide you to find the ultimate value structure you need for your success and discover the hidden rules you already have inside yourself to feel good all the time. L

Together we will investigate the six human needs and what is required to have your needs met and in balance. I will to show you how you can use projection and effective communication to your advantage, how to take responsibility in every action and situation.

Then we will look at the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis. We will set long-term goals and tap into your purpose. Together we will celebrate your success and share in your happiness.


Life coaching options I offer:

Individual sessions

You can choose to work on and improve any or all areas of your life in specially tailored individual sessions. This is a very flexible way of approaching life coaching. Each session will be specifically designed to suit your requirements. No formal programme or programme contract is required. With this option you also have the option to commit to the 13 step programme later if you choose.

13 Step Programme of personal transformation:

Embark on a journey with me on this transformational 13 step programme where you can choose up to three of the most important areas of your life to work on. The first session, in which we will identify the preferred areas on which to work, is free of charge.

This option involves contracting for 13 sessions of growth and development that will pave the way to your success. You will make a commitment to life coaching that will substantially improve your way of life and help you find and live that person on the inside that you are born to be.


Contact me now:

Please click here, select my name from the dropdown list of coaches, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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