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Arjan Bogaers

Arjan BogaersArjan Bogaers brings with him some 30 years of experience in the health care sector as a hospital nurse, therapist and chronic illness/disability coach and counsellor.

Through his practice, Heart and Soul Coaching, Arjan provides support for people who live with chronic illness and/or disability. Coaching is offered as an integral part of the recovery process and aims to assist clients to move forward with renewed motivation and purpose.

Heart and Soul furthermore specialises in existential coaching and counselling – helping clients to find the purpose and meaning that they believe to be missing from their lives.


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Name of Practice: Heart and Soul Coaching and Counselling.
Where: Online practice operated from the Western Cape.
Born: 1960.
Qualifications: Counselling Diploma (CTAA & Blackford Institute),
New Insights Certified Life Coach.
Specialises in: Coaching and Counselling for chronic illness and/or disability;
existential coaching and counselling.
Unique Selling Proposition: Provision of individual support for people who
live with chronic illness and/or disability through a unique email coaching
format that is both accessible and affordable and accommodates the clients’
special circumstances.
Fees: R600 – R699 per session, negotiable. Entire facilitated New Insights
coaching programme offered for an upfront payment of R7 800 or two equal
instalments of R4 000 each.
Coaching Body Membership: No
Contact: Click here

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