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Tania Potter

Tania Potter, New Insights certified life coachYears spent channeling natural enthusiasm and quirky intuition into living a happy, healthy life has given Tania ample experience in dealing with the “Do I have to?” and “Are we there yet?” types of life questions. By learning to tame her wandering attention and stubborn resistance to doing things she knows perfectly well will be good for her, she is uniquely equipped to help others who are inclined to procrastinate and stay ‘stuck’ in a life that is less than ideal.

If you are ready to start designing the life you know inside yourself you are truly capable of living, then Tania is the coach for you.

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Name of Practice: Soul Sense Coaching
Where: Richard’s Bay, KwaZulu Natal
Qualifications: BCom Marketing, Reflexology & Aromatherapy, Postgraduate
Diploma in Tertiary Education; New Insights Certified  Life Coach.
Specialises in: Health & Emotional Wellness, Weight Loss, Self-Awareness,
Anxiety, Dealing with Grief.
Unique Selling Proposition: Action orientated, creative life coaching for happy,
healthy living. Soul Sense Coaching is grounded in Mahatma Gandhi’s
philosophy, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Fees: R500-R599 per session negotiable. Special rate of R350 per session for
New Insights trainee coaches.
COMENSA Registered: No
Contact: Click here

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Cherri Forsyth

Cherri ForsythCherri has operated in the coaching sphere for many years, having coached school and provincial sports teams. Now she has found her niche in life coaching.

Cherri loves working with people who choose to be proactive about their lives, desire to be the very best they can be, want to jettison negative influences and live positively; people who, when faced with change, choose to approach it with courage.

Cherri specialises in the following areas: personal coaching (especially harnessing the power of women), mental training of elite athletes, training of coaches, and group coaching for corporates and others. Cherri is also a motivational speaker.


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Name of Practice: Life Vision
Where: Hilton, KwaZulu Natal
Born: 1960
Qualifications: BA (HDE); Corporate Coaching Certificate; New Insights
VIP Life Coach.
Specialises in: Personal coaching (national and international), mental
training of elite athletes, coach training, group coaching, workshops and
motivational speaking.
Fees: R700 per 90-minute session, R500 per 60 minute session and for
international clients. Fees are negotiable.
COMENSA Registered: Yes
Contact: Click here

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