Chantell Vermaak-Johnson

Chantell Vermaak-JohnsonChantell is a Relationship Coach who believes that we are all connected to each other through our relationships and that it is the quality of our relationships that determines the quality of our lives.

Chantell’s life coaching mission is:
“Changing lives, one relationship at a time.”


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Name of Practice: Heart Power
Where: East London, Eastern Cape (but coaches internationally).
Born: 1968
Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Professional Stress Management;
New Insights Certified PRO Life Coach.
Specialises in: Working with clients to improve the quality of their
relationships, starting with the relationship they have with themselves.
Unique Selling Proposition: There’s nothing that you’ve done or thought
that I haven’t done or thought. You will be met with love, warmth and
understanding. Together we will work towards improving all of your
relationships. Sometimes that means preparing to walk away from them.
Fees: On application only. Negotiable on a client by client basis.
COMENSA Registered: Yes.
Contact: Click here

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Chantell Vermaak-Johnson, New Insights Certified PRO Life Coach


Relationships that no longer serve us

So often we find ourselves stuck in relationships that, in best case scenarios, no longer serve us and in worst case scenarios, suffocate and paralyse us, holding us back from living our perfect lives.

It’s one thing when this is a professional relationship that is having this effect on us, it’s entirely another thing when it is a personal relationship.

Relationship coaching with me

I work with women and men who find themselves in a relationship that is no longer serve their needs – whether this is a personal or professional relationship.

If this speaks to you, I can support you in such a way that you can become ‘unstuck’ and  move on to the next adventure in your life. This may mean helping you to understand and adjust your own attitude and beliefs so you can get the relationship back on track.

Sometimes, however, I may need to help you to walk away from the relationship if that is what is best for you.

Why coaching with me?

I feel that I am perfectly suited to this work and well qualified to help you. You see, I have been married to an abusive man. I survived a difficult divorce and went through the dating wars in my late thirties. But now I’m happily married to my soul mate.

Today I can look back and feel thankful for gaining an understanding, at first hand, of the powerful impact that the quality of one’s relationships have on the quality of one’s life.

Professionally, I have experienced being retrenched three times and I have walked away from three different careers when I realised they were no longer in alignment with my journey.

I have coached a wide variety of people to successfully manage their relationships – from men and women in private relationships to CEOs and supervisors in business.

I serve my coaching clients through a variety of platforms, all geared to providing coaching in the manner in which it is most enjoyable and effective for them.

My business mission

The mission I hold for my coaching practice is a simple one:

“Changing lives for the better, one relationship at a time”

I firmly believe that if we can fix our relationships we will be able to fix the world. Of course the most important relationship we hold in the one we have with ourselves, for we cannot have love for the world if we do not first have love for ourselves.

Measuring the service I provide

I measure the service I provide to my clients against the following description of what a life coach is (by Dr John Rowan):

“The role of a coach is that of a companion along the way. There is no assumption of expertise, or leadership, or superiority in any way. It is more like a wise companion on a journey, who does not argue about the way, does not criticise any mistakes, encourages the weary, witnesses the struggles, offers a presence that is nourishing and warm.”

How can I be of service to you?

Thank you for taking the time to read my brief profile. If you think I might be of service to you, please contact me for a no-obligation chat about the next step.

Please click here for the application form and select my name from the dropdown list of coaches 🙂

One Response to Chantell Vermaak-Johnson
  1. Tammy
    Jan 9, 2017 | 10:15 am

    Chantell changed my life by helpibg me to develop a different mindset and overcome limiting self beliefs. During our coaching sessions I learnt a new language to speak to myself. There is no price tag on this. As a coach Chantell created the environment for this learning by being warm and non-judging. She’s my ultimate heroin.

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