Cherri Forsyth

Cherri ForsythCherri has operated in the coaching sphere for many years, having coached school and provincial sports teams. Now she has found her niche in life coaching.

Cherri loves working with people who choose to be proactive about their lives, desire to be the very best they can be, want to jettison negative influences and live positively; people who, when faced with change, choose to approach it with courage.

Cherri specialises in the following areas: personal coaching (especially harnessing the power of women), mental training of elite athletes, training of coaches, and group coaching for corporates and others. Cherri is also a motivational speaker.


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Name of Practice: Life Vision
Where: Hilton, KwaZulu Natal
Born: 1960
Qualifications: BA (HDE); Corporate Coaching Certificate; New Insights
VIP Life Coach.
Specialises in: Personal coaching (national and international), mental
training of elite athletes, coach training, group coaching, workshops and
motivational speaking.
Fees: R700 per 90-minute session, R500 per 60 minute session and for
international clients. Fees are negotiable.
COMENSA Registered: Yes
Contact: Click here

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About me

I am married to Mike, am the mother of 2 girls, and live in Hilton KZN, South Africa. My work experience is as follows: I taught in High Schools, ran a swim school, a hockey coaching company, a family auctioneering business, and was a Real Estate Agent (so I had experience in the business world) before finding my passion of Life Coaching. I trained as a Sports Teacher, so I have coached people all my life … individually, in teams, at school level and provincially. Now I have continued the coaching, but in an area I am passionate about … helping people achieve their dreams.

My Qualifications

I am a fully certified VIP life coach having completed advanced coach training (New Insights).
I have a BA degree from Stellenbosch University.
I have the following post graduate qualifications:
– HDE (Teaching diploma)
– Psychology of Coaching diploma

My Coaching Ethos

Imagine embarking on a programme which is all about YOU? Concentrating on your goals, dreams, desires, beliefs, values, thoughts. I help you discover who you really are and then challenge you to be even better! I ensure complete confidentiality, and as I am being invited into your life (which I consider very sacred), I treat you with honour and respect, and hold you gently in my hands.

I am passionate about people, and how they grow, and how they face challenges. I want you to be the best you can be, I want you to be able to embrace change in your life confidently. I believe that the huge power of middle aged women needs to be harnessed, so that our wisdom, strength and courage can be used to improve ourselves- so that we can be even better for ourselves , our families and our work.

I believe in the essential goodness of the human spirit and believe that if we are encouraged during the challenging times of our lives, so that we grow and don’t become embittered and negative, then there is no stopping what we can do. We are our thoughts, so if we can control our thoughts, we can control our behaviour and destiny.

The Coaching Programme

The investment you make to this life coaching programme is life changing. Imagine living life as close to 100% positive as you can get. This programme teaches you the skills to do that, helps YOU be fully responsible for your own happiness. Imagine the freedom of knowing that you are totally in charge of your life….no easy way out of blaming someone else for the bad situation you are in…., no easy way out of looking truthfully and honestly at your life.

I work with all those facing challenges- new job, divorce, moving to a new country, bereavement, retirement, spiritual challenges, financial changes, marriage, births, etc etc. Life is about living with challenges, and I will help you harness the hardship of challenge, and use it to grow a better, stronger, more compassionate, wiser, more effective YOU!

I also work with those who have lost the balance in their life, with anyone who is pro-active, those wanting to start exciting new ventures, and also young people (16 – 22 year olds) to teach them these positive skills, so as they enter the adult world they are already equipped for success.

Examples of types of goals my clients have set:
•    Starting up a new business
•    Getting to goal weight
•    Striving to find a balance in life after burnout
•    Giving up smoking
•    Feeling peaceful and calm every day
•    De-cluttering her home and life
•    Investigating personal growth
•    Deciding on your spirituality
•    Accepting myself for exactly who I am (increasing self worth)
•    Deciding who I am (after children have left home)
•    Improving time management
•    Getting my social life back after being out of circulation

If you are prepared to do the work, be honest with yourself, jettison that which doesn’t serve you, live up to your FULL potential, then I would love to work with you!

How does it work?

I can coach you from anywhere in the world as long as you have skype (or similar). I also do face to face sessions. I coach on a one to one basis, or couples coaching. I do workshops, and am involved in coaching 17/18 year olds at school level, and hope to be involved with University age students.

If you value yourself, and want to enhance your life so that you can be an even better parent, partner, spouse, boss, employee, friend, family member; then life coaching is a MUST for you!

We work together as a team so that you can achieve your goals, and change your life to make it what you want it to be.  I help you tap into your internal wisdom, and YOU find the answers, I  just ask the questions.   I only work with highly motivated individuals who are totally inspired by new goals in life.

My coaching specialities:

Personal Coaching
I work with all those facing challenges (big or small) such as landing a new job, going through divorce, moving abroad, bereavement, retirement, spiritual challenges, financial changes, getting married, pregnancy and birth, etc.

Life is about engaging fully, and I will help you harness your energy, attitude and positivity  and use it to grow a better, stronger, wiser, more compassionate and more effective YOU!

I work with proactive people who may have lost their way slightly, those who have lost the balance in their life and those wanting to start exciting new ventures. I also love working with young people (16 – 22 year olds) to teach them these positive skillsto equip them for success as they prepare to enter the adult world.

Mental training of elite athletes
I work to help elite athletes in all sports to develop their “mental game”.  This very powerful aspect of sports performance is often underestimated. Currently I am coaching the following SA  Cycling XCO Women’s Champions – Elite , SA U23 and SA U18.  I work with both individuals and teams.

Coach Training:
I have worked closely with New Insights as presenter for both the Certifcation Kickstart workshop for trainees and the flagship Advanced Coach Training workshop for prospective ELITE level coaches.

I also run a number of my own coaching workshops locally, in Hilton, KZN, on  a range of different topics under the umbrella name ‘Coaching for Excellence’.

Group Coaching
I have worked with groups in businesses ranging from accountantancy to recruitment and hospital management companies. I work with the team leaders so that they can lead more effectively and get more out of their team members. The main goal is to grow them as people, and make them more conscious about how they live, and how they lead.

I run monthly workshops on topics I am passionate about.  These include:

  • Forgiveness;
  • Journey through Loss and Grief;
  • Holding Life Lightly;
  • Emotional Pain;
  • Peak Performance; and
  • Getting Yourself Back on Track.

Examples of types of goals my clients have set:

  • Competing on the Rio Olympics
  • Striving to find a balance in life after burnout
  • Feeling peaceful and calm every day
  • De-cluttering of my home and life (physical and emotional)
  • Investigating personal growth
  • Deciding on my spirituality
  • Accepting myself for exactly who I am (increasing self- worth)
  • Deciding who I am (after children have left home)
  • Improving time management
  • Getting my social life back after being out of circulation
  • Starting up a new business
  • Going back to university at the age of 50
  • Getting to my goal weight

If you are prepared to do the work, be honest with yourself, jettison that which doesn’t serve you, live up to your FULL potential, then I would love to work with you!


14 Responses to Cherri Forsyth
  1. Bev Buley
    Jul 20, 2016 | 4:14 pm

    Cherri is a positive, inspirational lady who lives life to the full and who encourages others to do the same. I thoroughly enjoyed my group sessions with her and have no hesitation in recommending her as a Life Coach.

    Jul 20, 2016 | 4:17 pm

    My coaching experience with Cherri was life changing.
    I had conquered a lot in my life and was ready to conquer the world, but was just not sure how I was going to do this.
    Being coached by Cherri, with the systematic and thorough tools she offered and the New Insights Coaching programme, I felt like I “found myself”.
    Cherri had an amazing way of encouraging and challenging me to become the best me I can be. Her gentle and empathetic manner made me feel comfortable to be honest with myself and express this to her, without ever feeling judged or “weird”.

    Every coaching session made me feel inspired and excited to live life fully, so that I could put into practise the tools I had learned in the session. I would do it all over again and again I would choose Cherri as my coach.

    I am currently living out my purpose and I am grateful that Cherri was the one who was instrumental in placing my feet on that first step to living my dream.

    Thank you Cherri 🙂

  3. eve waltner
    Jul 20, 2016 | 10:26 pm

    Cherri is an amazing life coach. I never dreamt we would develop such a wonderful friendship through our sessions. She has so much warmth, empathy and caring. She has kept me on track without being dominant or critical and has always been respectful of my principles and beliefs. She knows exactly how to instill self-confidence when setting goals and has brought her personal experience into all the sessions making them easier to put into practice.
    Getting to know Cherri has been so enriching and I warmly recommend her to anyone searching for a caring and encouraging life coach

  4. Mia Baker
    Jul 21, 2016 | 7:43 pm

    I did a 6 month group coaching program with Cherri. I have to say that it really was a huge turning point in my life as it gave me the confidence to be who I want to be. Not only that, I have learned the ability to figure out who I am as a person and what I hold true in my life.

    I often shout Cherri’s praises and encourage other people to give life coaching a go. Initially I thought that it would not be for me, but I am so glad now that I did.

    Thank you Cherri for helping me help myself in such a big crossroad of my life.


  5. Caroline Ablitt
    Jul 21, 2016 | 10:15 pm

    Things we never dreamed possible can become a reality with such a professional and supportive life coach and trainer. Cherri is intuitive has a genuine warmth and caring nature, along with encouragement patience and understanding, helping one to take action and accountability in order to reach ones goals. She has become a wonderful friend and I would highly recommend her as a life coach.

  6. Ruth Albertyn
    Jul 22, 2016 | 10:52 am

    I had never had coaching before and approached Cherri to help me through a haze and fuzzy stage of my life.
    The process was insightful, empowering and helped me uncover my own issues and plan for attainable and realistic achievement of my identified goals.
    It helped me to shed unrealistic goals and focus energy without brainspace being wasted on thinking aimlessly and going around in circles.
    Cherri was the perfect person to help me navigate my way through -with sensitivity, warmth authenticity and genuine care.

  7. Pauline Harris
    Jul 23, 2016 | 6:20 am

    The life coaching course brings you back to your core values and helps one fine the real you again . Life changing for me , the skills learnt I continue to use daily to assist me cope with my busy family and business . The coarse is fun and interactive which I really enjoyed , a true wealth of knowledge . I do refer to the file
    And am amazed and my progress . I discovered my self worth amongst the craziness of life . Life doesn’t changes but the skills learnt in the coarse just help make the ride smoother .
    Thank you Cherrie for you love and support ??

  8. Tim Chennells
    Jul 26, 2016 | 1:45 pm

    I was at a stage in my life wanting to understand myself better but also to maximise my God given talents and to find my “next/ultimate purpose”
    The sessions I had with Cherri were amazingly stimulating, de-cluttering who and what I was about. This allowed me to more deeply understand what my real”drivers” in life are and this allowed me to focus on those which would give me the satisfaction and direction I was reaching out for. She also taught me to have patience and with the right stimuli, those answers would come.
    I now find myself overwhelmed by what I was so desperately seeking…… how lucky one can be!!!The continued seeking of balance in life!!!
    Thank you Cherri for opening up these doors for me… unforgettable chapter in my growth!

  9. Flora McEwen Brooks
    Jul 28, 2016 | 11:39 am

    Cherri coached me through the New Insights Life Coaching programme through 2014/15 and I have continued to work with her since graduating last year. Since I live in the UK, we communicate by Skype, which I thought might be tricky but isn’t at all – the whole process has been really effective, instructional and very supportive. Cherri has that wonderful combination of a straightforward and clear teaching style presented in a warm and affirming manner. She is very patient and understands how hard it is to learn a whole new set of skills and to create lasting changes in ones’ life. At the same time she is very perceptive and ready to challenge or ask the right question so that by the end of each session I feel I have learned something new, or am able to see things in a different way and always feel inspired, encouraged and ready to take the next step.
    I am so grateful that Bill recommended Cherrie to me – she has been a fantastic support to me over the last three years – I consider myself very lucky and privileged to be able to work with her.

  10. Carole Lapinsky
    Jul 29, 2016 | 6:39 pm

    I am ever so grateful for the two years I spent under the supportive wing of Cherri Forsyth. This beautiful and caring Coach floated into my life like a butterfly, breathing encouragement and direction into what was the most difficult time of my life.

    She was extremely professional, creative and empowering as she gently empowered and enabled me to see solutions to what seemed impossible situations, inspiring and motivating me to believe in myself, set priorities and embrace life and to become the person I wanted to be. I was attracted to her highly developed leadership and people skills, making her my person to emulate.

    I treasure the fact that I was actually heard and understood, without ever feeling convicted or judged. Instead of condemning my once lack of self confidence she helped me identify my strengths and change my life in ways I never dreamed possible.

    She recharged my battery with a fire, to tackle life’s challenges with new excitement and expectation. I do not have enough words to thank Cherri enough for graciously sharing her own life’s experiences, wisdom, tools and techniques with me.

    Cherri is a true leader who not only cares about her own success but the success and empowerment of others. I can confidently recommend Cherri Forsyth to anyone seeking a competent, ethical and genuinely caring life coach.

  11. Shirley Obey
    Aug 1, 2016 | 3:42 pm

    Cherri helped me “get back on track.” I looked forward to our weekly sessions and felt that she really listened to what I was trying to express. She is wise and helped me find my path without every imposing her beliefs on me. I highly recommend Cherri Forsyth to anyone who has even slightly lost their way.

  12. Jo Webber
    Aug 2, 2016 | 11:26 am

    Cherri is such a kind, patient, gentle and approachable person that it is easy to become comfortable and secure with her, and in turn enables one to get the most of the sessions. I felt so motivated and positive each time I’d had a session, through her understanding encouragement, which filtered into my everyday life. She has an amazing way of really hearing you and adapting to what is happening in the moment. Her insight helped me both personally and in my business and today I am a more rounded, calm and happy person. And, I have a friend aswell 🙂

  13. Loraine Indha
    Aug 17, 2016 | 7:19 pm

    Cherri is a good listener and an excellent advisor. She made me see that everyone is different is there own way and its not always bad. I now have peace and comfort in my personal life and work area. I have learnt to work and socialize with my staff. She Groomed me to be able to take on any challenge without any hesitation and to enjoy and have fun.

    Thank you for making me see things differently and showing me how to deal the conflict via email or by person. You have truly done a remarkable job in coaching me. Life Coaching was the best thing ever in my life. You are an amazing leader….

  14. Sue Mackenzie
    Feb 21, 2017 | 8:48 am

    Cherri is a wonderful Life Coach who coached me a few years ago to become a Life Coach myself. She is a very warm and kind person whose priority is helping her clients reach their goal in life. She helped me so much in so many aspects of my life and for that I am truly grateful. Cherri has years of incredible experience and I would highly recommend her.

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