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Mohammed Motara is a certified life, career and uniqueness coach who uses his academic and holistic background to create a warm, fun and interactive environment for clients.

Mohammed specialises in career discovery, clarity, direction and balance.  His varied client base includes people wanting career direction and clarity, those wanting focus and help to achieve their career goals, and others seeking improved work-life balance.

Mohammed customises coaching programmes to suit his client’s unique needs. As he says: “Coaching is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ modality”. He has successfully helped a range of people to feel more empowered, gain more clarity and direction and live life authentically.

Name of Practice: Career Cliniq
Where: Cape Town, Western Cape
Born: 1982
Qualifications: BA (Communications), Master Career Coach (Career
Management Academy), Certified Uniqueness Coach (Seelearndo),
Complementary Health Therapy (Healing Hands International),
New Insights Certified VIP Life Coach.
Specialises in: Career and life coaching
Unique Selling Proposition: Offers latest self-assessment and profiling
instruments, personalised programmes, holistic career development,
practical career tool-kit.
Fees: R599-R699 per session, depending on programme/therapy.
Coaching Body Membership: COMENSA
Contact: click here

My Background

Since I can remember I have always been someone focused on introspection, self-discovery and growth. Being academically strong at school I wanted to make the most of my life and therefore went with the advice of my parents and teachers to study dentistry. That was a BIG wake-up call!! I quickly realised that I was not moving towards my natural talents and passions and I could foresee a very unhappy and unfulfilled future if I continued on this route. Little did I know that this experience would later spark my passion to help others to discover their own uniqueness and power.

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
-Carl Jung-

What seemed like a career dilemma at the time in fact prompted me to look deep within myself and ask the big questions:

  • “Who am I?”
  • “What do I want?”
  • “What is my purpose in life?”

These were indeed difficult questions to ask at a young age but it allowed me to open the door to self-discovery.  I changed my academic direction to a BA in Communications, majoring in Psychology.  At the same time I travelled extensively and lived in Europe as part of my quest to discover more about myself.

“Seek and ye shall find”

Throughout my travels and studies I was always trying to align my vocation with my most authentic Self.  One day I realised that my passion for self discovery and growth came so naturally to me that I was always introspecting and subconsciously helping others to do the same. It was only a couple of years later that I discovered life coaching and at last felt like I was doing something that resonated with me on a deeper level.  Not only was I doing something I had a passion for but I could help others to live their best life as well.

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”
– Galileo Galilei-

After a couple of years of coaching I realised that my greatest contribution as a coach would be to empower my clients and not make them dependent on me. I could do this by helping them discover their own personal power and natural abilities. I wanted to take individuals through a process of self-discovery and give them tools to own and manage their power in real life areas like career, personal development, relationships, etc.

I gained certification as a Uniqueness Coach with Seelearndo in 2009 which gave me powerful tools to help people to discover their own natural talents and be in control of their power so that they may live their most authentic lives. My qualifications in this area also allowed me to be a part of a team that designed and facilitated workshops at the University of South Africa (UNISA). This involved intensive coaching, training and mentoring in different departments at UNISA from 2009 – 2011.

“Harmony is a beautiful balance between mind, body and soul measured in tender peaceful moments.”
-Melanie Koulouris-

In order to integrate a more holistic approach to coaching, I began a 2 year study in Complementary Health Therapy at the beginning of 2012. This allowed me to take the coaching beyond the level of the mind and integrate aspects of mind, body and soul.

My journey thus far has enabled me to niche in Career Coaching. I completed a Master Career Coaching certification in 2013 with the Career Management Academy. This gave me further tools to assist individuals trying to gain career clarity and direction, those who are unhappy in their current job/career or individuals trying to manage a work-life balance. In combination with my other studies, I have developed the following programme options, customized for each need respectively.

Why Career Coaching?

In October 2013, Forbes magazine published findings by the Gallup group who polled 230,000 full-time and part-time workers in 142 countries. These were their findings:

•    Only 13% of workers feel engaged by their jobs. That means they feel a sense of passion for their work, a deep connection to what they do and they spend their days driving innovation and moving their company forward.

•    63% are “not engaged,” meaning they are unhappy but not drastically so. In short, they’re checked out. They sleepwalk through their days, putting little energy into their work.

•    A full 24% are what Gallup calls “actively disengaged,” meaning they pretty much hate their jobs. They act out and undermine what their co-workers accomplish.

•    87% of workers worldwide who, as Gallup puts it, “are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.” In other words, work is more often a source of frustration than one of fulfilment for nearly 90% of the world’s workers. That means that most workplaces are less productive and less safe than they could be and employers are less likely to create new jobs.

Reflecting on the above statistics, it is shocking to see that almost 90% of the world is dissatisfied, disconnected or disengaged in their careers. Either because:

1.    they are doing work that lacks passion or fulfilment  since it is not aligned with who they really are;

2.     they lack a vision or have limiting beliefs that keep them “stuck”, preventing them from reaching fulfilling goals;

3.    they are stressed out, imbalanced and not motivated by their work any longer.

What is Career Coaching?

The most common misperception is that it is the same as career guidance, which generally involves student level assessment of IQ and academic results in order to recommend a particular academic career/study direction.

Career coaching is a very different process which empowers the individual through a process of self-discovery, self-assessment and self-leadership. The focus is on discovery, action, empowerment and balance. Coaching conversations are supported by the application of powerful career management tools – the combination of which can be termed the career management process. Through this process the individual engages proactively in achieving a career in which they flourish and succeed.

The career management process is applied at various stages of career progression from finding work, to moving up through the ranks, or making a career change/transition. A career coach works with an individual from the beginning of their career through to senior level.

The proven career management tools which support the coaching conversation include: powerful self-assessment, identifying direction, skills development, goal setting, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), overcoming obstacles, interview skills, maintaining work/life balance, meditation and wellness modalities.

The Coaching Process

It doesn’t matter at which stage you are on your career journey, each one of the customised programmes will address your needs. From young people fresh out of school seeking career clarity and direction to well-established professionals seeking balance and inspiration in their career, we will customise the perfect fit for you.

Each phase has a SYSTEM in place that addresses the above concerns and is customised according to each client’s needs. Each SYSTEM has been developed as a program that is then customised according to each individual client’s needs.  The acronym SYSTEM will: Save You from Stress, Time, Energy and Money! Below is a summary of each program:

  1. Career Discovery and Direction
  2. Career Focus and Action
  3. Career Management and Balance

Phase 1: Career Discovery and Direction

This programme is customised to provide a greater understanding of the client’s strengths, talents, passions, etc and align it with their unique personality type, values, and purpose. Using powerful career tools and cutting edge assessments, the individual will gain much greater clarity and direction.

Who is this for?

•    School and university students who are unsure of their career choices
•    Young adults wanting to discover which career they should follow
•    Individuals who are taking a GAP year
•    Individuals who are unhappy or disengaged in their current job
•    Individuals who want to make a career change
•    Individuals wanting more clarity and direction in their career path

What will you gain from this phase?

Clarity, direction, greater self-awareness, authenticity

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!
– Marc Anthony-

Phase 2: Career Focus and Action

This programme is customised for clients wanting to reach their career goals, stay focused and remove obstacles in their path to success. Combined with powerful coaching methodologies and tools they will feel more focused, empowered and self confident.

Who is this for?

•    Individuals who want to take the awareness gained in Phase 1 and put it into action
•    Individuals wanting to stay focused and on track with their academic/career goals
•    Individuals feeling stuck or overwhelmed in attaining their career goals
•    Individuals who struggle to attain their career goals due to internal obstacles/ limiting beliefs holding them back
•    Individuals struggling to create a long term action plan or strategy for their life

What will you gain from this phase?

Focus, how to set and reach your goals, tools for creating your reality, removing obstacles in your path to success, confidence, self-empowerment.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”
-John F. Kennedy–

Phase 3: Career Management and Balance

This programme is customised for clients who want more balance between their work and personal life, regain a passion for their work and “take stock” of their life/career. This phase also includes the holistic approach and provides the option for added wellness therapies which bring balance to mind-body-soul.

Who is this for?

• Individuals who feel stressed in their current work position
• Individuals who are struggling to find a balance between their work and personal life
• Individuals who need to re-evaluate their career path
• Individuals who feel disengaged and have lost motivation in their current work
• Individuals seeking a holistic approach to career-life balance with the option to include wellness therapies

What will you gain from this phase?

Tools for creating balance, renewed clarity to approaching one’s work, a greater sense of overall wellness, tools to still the mind, feel engaged and passionate about work and personal life, physical and mental wellness.

Coaching Options

• Coaching can be conducted face to face, via Skype or telephone.
• Coaching sessions are one-on-one or group sessions can be arranged.
• Coaching sessions are conducted anywhere in South Africa or internationally via Skype or telephone.
• The first session is a FREE assessment session in order to customise the appropriate programme for the client’s needs.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.-

Request Me to Coach You

To request me as your life coach, please enter your details on the contact form (making sure to choose my name from the dropdown list of coaches) on the Request a Coach page.

  • Name of Practice: Career Cliniq
  • Coach Gender: Male
  • Year of Birth: 1982
  • Practice Location: Cape Town, Western Cape
  • Coaching Medium: Face-to-Face, Remote (e.g. Telephone/Skype/Zoom, etc.)
  • Qualifications: BA (Communications), Master Career Coach (Career Management Academy), Certified Uniqueness Coach (Seelearndo), Complementary Health Therapy (Healing Hands International), New Insights Certified VIP Life Coach.
  • Speciality/Niche: Career and life coaching
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Offers latest self-assessment and profiling instruments, personalised programmes, holistic career development, practical career tool-kit.
  • Coaching Body Membership: COMENSA
  • Languages Spoken: English