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R 550.00

Penny Norman is passionate about using her life coaching skills to empower people who are victims or survivors of narcissistic abuse.

Apart from being a New Insights trained life coach, Penny is also an accredited NLP Practitioner able to incorporate NLP techniques into the coaching sessions that are quick and incredibly effective.

“If you can change your thinking, you can change your life!”

Name of Practice: Gift of Life Coaching.
Where: Bryanston, Gauteng.
Born: 1959
Qualifications: New Insights certified ELITE Life Coach.
Specialises in: Empowering victims or survivors of narcissistic abuse.
Unique Selling Proposition:
Fees: R550 per session
Coaching Body Membership: COMENSA
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Penny Norman, New Insights Certified ELITE Life Coach

My Background:

I began my career as a medical technologist specialising in the field of biochemistry.  From there I moved into sales and was employed as a medical representative.  I was blessed with two beautiful daughters in the mid-80’s, and worked part time for my husband’s company while they were growing up.  My passion has always been to help those who are hurting.

I applied to SADAG (the SA Depression and Anxiety Group) to work voluntarily as a telephone counsellor and did so for three years.  I then did a counselling course and worked as a Christian lay counsellor for 4 years.  I made the decision to study life coaching as it sounded like it was exactly what my clients needed to move forward, having begun their journey of recovery.  I was delighted with the course content and experienced incredible personal growth as I journeyed through it.  Now, as a New Insights certified ELITE life coach (with advanced coach training), I can’t wait to pass on all that I have learnt to prospective clients like you!

I have been through some really dark and challenging times in my life during which I have sought the assistance of professionals.   They helped me immeasurably and gave me great ideas as to how I could deal with certain situations.  Nevertheless, somehow, though I could see the sense in what they were saying, I was simply incapable of doing as they had suggested. I was desperate for some tools that would help me bring about the change I so eagerly desired.

Happily I discovered that Life coaching does just that!  It provides one with scientifically tested tools and techniques that really work to bring about lasting change.

Gift of Life Coaching philosophy:

Life is a gift, and we should live each day as a thank you note!  Gratitude is key.  I believe that we can: “Be transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2).  If you can change your thinking, you can change your experience of life.  Through the techniques that coaching offers, you can begin to live the abundant life we were all intended to live.

If you are a victim of narcissistic abuse, you are continually being subjected to soul-destroying verbal, emotional and at times physical abuse. I would encourage you to take the bold stand of saying enough is enough!  Once you have finally accepted that the narcissist will NEVER change, you have taken the first step toward healing.

The next step is to work out an action plan to move forward – which is where coaching is so beneficial.  It is a long and difficult journey, but the benefits of being free from abuse far outweigh the difficulties you will have to contend with.

There is HOPE and LIFE after abuse.  If you have already taken the incredibly courageous step of leaving the narcissist, we can work together towards bringing about your healing and wholeness (it’s very difficult to make sense of any of it, and to maintain No Contact which is what is the recommended way to go).  Whether you decide to stay in the relationship – sometimes you simply have no choice – or to leave, coaching will help you immeasurably.

You are the only one responsible for your happiness.  Now is the time to begin self-care because you are worth so much more. Believe it! Take the steps necessary to escape the dreadful reality of being trapped, miserable and isolated, and embrace the possibility of freedom and real joy.

I would consider it an absolute privilege to be part of your journey out of captivity to freedom!

What You Should Know:

I work from premises in Bryanston. My clients can be assured of complete confidentiality in a non-judgemental, empathic, encouraging and safe environment.

I also offer individual sessions using NLP (neuro-liguistic programming) techniques as well as the 13-session New Insights personal development programme.

Request Me as Your Coach

I look forward to journeying with you on your way to complete recovery! To request me as your life coach, please enter your details on the contact form (making sure to choose my name from the dropdown list of coaches) on the Request a Coach page.

  • Name of Practice : Gift of Life Coaching
  • Coach Gender : Female
  • Year of Birth : 1959
  • Practice Location : Bryanston, Gauteng.
  • Coaching Medium : Face-to-Face
  • Qualifications : New Insights certified ELITE Life Coach.
  • Speciality/Niche : Empowering victims or survivors of narcissistic abuse.
  • Coaching Body Membership : COMENSA
  • Languages Spoken : English