Evette Kruger

Evette KrugerEvette is constantly amazed by the power we have within; the power we possess to make the changes we desire, the power to lead extraordinary lives … and yet the power that our minds have to convince us otherwise!

Evette understands the power we have to dream courageous dreams and yet, as she says: “Dreams will stay dreams without the courage to take action fearlessly”.

Evette’s own dream – and the dream she is realising as a life coach – is to set her clients free from the fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back and introduce empowering beliefs needed to live the lives they dream about.

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Name of Practice: Fearless Life Coaching
Where: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Born: 1981
Qualifications: Higher Diploma in Biblical Theology and Counselling;
New Insights Certified  Coach.
Specialises in: Coaching men and women who desire to lead a fearless life;
a life filled with boldness and honour.
Unique Selling Proposition: A fearless nature combined with a true passion for
coaching people to live to be ‘larger than life’
Fees: R300-R399 per session.
COMENSA Registered: Yes
Website: www.fearlesslifecoaching.co.za
Contact: Click here

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Welcome to Fearless Life Coaching!

Fearless Life Coaching



Yes … Dreams will stay dreams without the courage to take action fearlessly!

Please take a minute to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I taking action fearlessly to change my life?
  • Am I just HOPING to find the “right something” that could change my life forever?
  • Am I going nowhere slowly?
  • Am I being understood? Do I even understand myself?
  • Am I living the life I really want?
  • Am I failing to achieve my goals?
  • Do I procrastinate easily and never see it through?
  • Do I have a passion and purpose? If not, where did it go?
  • Are my fears holding me back?

If you answered any of these questions with a feeling of emptiness and confusion, knowing that you are not taking the necessary action to live the life you desire, then Fearless Life Coaching is just right for you!

My desire for you is to wake up to a life that you just can’t wait to live, a life filled with meaning. I want you to live your BEST life, producing extraordinary results, being ecstatic and proud to be you! I want you to live a life of honour.

I am fearlessly set apart and as coaching is truly my passion, I am delighted to share the taste of such a good life!  I invite you to join me on this “Fearless Journey” as we find your purpose and your passion, exciting you to live ‘larger than life’!

“It’s your Fearless decision that determines your destiny”


What is Life Coaching?

This Directory has some excellent material to help you understand what life coaching is.

Here’s my take on it …

Life Coaching seeks to serve humanity by helping people to understand themselves, learn and develop. Life Coaching introduces you to the power YOU have to transform and reinvent your life. It’s about getting the very best results for you and enabling you to make decisions that will empower you to improve your life.

Life Coaching is all about YOU and getting the results YOU want, so that you may lead a happy and successful life. Coaching is effective and can assist in virtually every aspect, from individual personal development & fulfillment, or life changing relationships, life skills and balance to spiritual soul searching, career direction, business management and leadership.

Life Coaching is for people who are looking for increased self-awareness, greater fulfillment, a more balanced life, better goal attainment and a higher performance level. It’s for people who are open to new possibilities but need assistance to go after them.

Life Coaching is NOT a hyped up way of creating another “to do list”. It’s about discovering who you are, where you are and where you want to be. It’s about overcoming the obstacles to being where you want to be – getting unstuck – and it’s done in a safe and trusting environment.


What’s in it for you, specifically?

With coaching there are endless possibilities … you may decide you want to:

Live your best life * daringly dream * develop * inspire * be successful * make more money * enjoy more quality time * get direction * become more focused * make powerful decisions * live a balanced life * look and feel great * be more loving and lovable * be fulfilled * be happy * love your ‘stuff’  * change your life.


Why you need me!

For many of us, making substantial changes in our lives (personal or career) can be really difficult thanks to a fear of failure that overcomes us and frightens us into inaction. We surrender ourselves to the notion that change is difficult if not impossible, thus leaving us to experience an endless cycle of frustration.

Knowing what to do is not good enough to accomplish one’s goals. Knowledge has to be accompanied by action. And this is where one can be your own worst enemy.

We all know the typical excuses for not taking action; excuses such as lack of time, money, “I don’t know how” or the famous… “I’ll start on Monday”. The biggest reason is FEAR (fear of failure, fear of the unknown, etc.) Fear causes our sight to become clouded and our visions and goals get lost or even forgotten. Life seems intimidating and unfair.

The assistance of a Life Coach is needed to help bring order and regain the “misplaced” power you were given over your life.

As your Coach I will become your “GREATEST FAN”. I’ll offer you support, encouragement, inspiration and motivation as you reach each goal and make lasting life changes! I’ll listen passionately to what you have to say, I’ll make every effort to understand your dreams and your ambitions and I’ll believe in you. The focus will be totally on you

With me as your life coach you’ll have a choice between a life of fear and a life of fearlessness.


What’s required from you for coaching to be successful?

  • Regular and timely attendance
  • Enthusiasm for and commitment to the coaching process
  • Willingness to make the necessary changes
  • Reading your goals at least twice a day. “Getting excited!”
  • Completing action steps that we will set together

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves”

–Thomas A Edison

About me and my practice

Fearless Life Coaching, Coaching Men and Women with Honour derived from the desire within me to become a “fearless woman”.

Fear had been so prominent in my life, disguising itself with so many labels.  This paralyzing fear was the result of a dysfunctional relationship, one that I allowed and permitted to take over my life. On a daily basis this fear would make me whisper to myself: “I’m not good enough, not worth spending time with, not worthy of acceptance.”

Fear made me afraid to meet new people, afraid to fall in love. Fear had the ability to make me wear the garment of inferiority and loneliness, the outcome … being withdrawn, unhappy and feeling rejected. I opened my hands to fear and for a very long time it ruled and reigned over me.

Fear blinded me and kept me away from my destiny and purpose. Growing up in a very loving and stable home with all the protection and support I needed, my heart still struggled to heal from the damage that fear caused.

“Women with Honour” presented itself with great courage the moment I realised I was worth so much more, realising I had so much more to give. My spirit needed as much healing as any other emotion in my soul. Spiritual fulfillment enhances your life in unimaginable ways, and so God started the “Women with Honour” journey in me. Making known to me when and how fear likes to show up and how being a Women of Honour would change the way I see myself and my situation, showing me how God sees me.

“Men with Honour”. As my journey progressed I realised that some men left their Honour behind, their Honour either taken from them or lost to begin with. They have no understanding of Honour or what it means. Men that should be taking their position as “head of the home”, standing with their heads held high, strong and in control. Honour is of noble character and this same Honour is the Honour that men and women need to equip themselves with. Having Honour is what makes a man and woman attractive and not just the mere sight of them. It’s time to restore the Honour within our beings, men and women taking their rightful place. We can now not only desire to daringly dream but our dreams have become our reality, fearlessly living our best lives with power, passion and Honour. Making Honour a part of who we are.

I studied at RBTC, Rhema Bible Training Centre and completed a three year, in depth Theory and Counseling Higher Diploma.

After graduating and trying to find my feet, I decided to travel for a year. I left for the United States working as a summer camp counsellor.  Arriving back in South Africa with little work experience I joined an events company hosting corporate events. Tremendous growth and opportunity filled my life, but I never felt a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

A few years later I decided to buy into a restaurant franchise chain. Having the restaurant for 5 years and serving customers made me realise that I had never lost my passion for people. It was then when it all made sense. The well being of people will always be my desire.  It was during this time I started my studies with New Insights to become a certified Life Coach. That was the desire of fulfillment and accomplishment my soul was seeking. The thirst has been quenched, the restaurant was sold and my true life’s passion could begin…

As a certified Personal Life Coach, I want to inspire, motivate and empower men and women to live a Fearless but passionate life. My desire is for people to be set free of every fear holding them back, every limiting belief to be replaced with a belief that serves them well. I desire for men and women to find that ‘special something’; that something that sets them apart, finding their Honour and living a very well balanced life.


The Services you can enjoy from Fearless Life Coaching

The coaching process is a journey of great revelation, development, fulfillment, tremendous growth and transformation. Change can only take place once it is desired.

The coaching process consists of either ‘one on one’ coaching sessions or ‘Group workshop’ programmes.

1. Personal One on One Coaching

Fearlessly redesigning life, dream those daring dreams, and make them your reality.

Your personal “One on One” coaching sessions are spread out over a number of sessions. These sessions aim to find what you dare dream about, setting the goals you need to achieve those dreams. Together we find the action steps needed to turn these dreams into reality. We continue to uncover your beliefs, values and rules (the things that make you, you) and discover if they serve you well.  Each session is an opportunity to grow. The experience might be challenging, but taking responsibility is what causes this fearless growth. Coaching not only assists with goal setting, it is contagious! It inspires great passion to live your ultimate life, fearlessly loving everything about you and your life, only to find out that you are actually well worth it! It’s a powerful combination of fearless living and the attraction of a Man and a Woman leading with Honour.

Scheduled Coaching Sessions – Sessions are available once or twice a week or as per your request. Fees charged per session, Standard sessions, 90 mins. Each session includes take away notes and exercises to reinforce learning and skills.  Free support between sessions. Regular weekly sessions assist in keeping great focus, enthusiasm and motivation towards achieving your goals. In order to maximize coaching results, full completion of the program comes highly recommended. Most clients choose to continue in a long term coaching relationship, simply because of the benefits coaching has and the impact it has had on their lives.

2. Workshop, Seminars and Training

Fearless Life Workshops are powerfully fueled with life changing inspiration and passion. We get focused; seek clear vision, new direction and a life filled with purpose.

Workshops are held once a month. Each workshop hosted has a great variety of very exciting life changing topics. These workshops equip men and women with the tools needed to live a fearless life.

During Workshops we will…

  • Take a look at Your Life Wheel
  •  “How Big do I dare to dream”
  •  Create your Vision Board

A Vision Board is a process that gets the “Creative Juices” flowing.  You get to relax, cut & paste, have fun, all in the company of other fearless searching woman. Get in touch with those daring dreams only you get to dream. Equipping you with basic power tools to use on a daily basis, turning those dreams into a life changing reality!

  •  Create Powerful Goals
  •  Create manageable and inspiring Action Steps towards achieving these goals
  •  Learn how to overcome your fears
  • Bring balance

 Workshop, Seminars & Training Topics

  • Fearless ME
  • ‘How BIG do I dare to dream”…I need a plan
  • Finding my Purpose
  •  A Fearless Women with Honour
  • A Fearless Man with Honour
  • What’s wrong with me
  • Building a Fearless Relationship
  •  “Attractive” Honour
  • Embracing the feminine spirit
  • The Strength of Vulnerability
  • The Power of Influence
  • The Power of being a Women
  • How do I motivate myself
  • “FEAR Less ness”
  • Start the right habit
  • Find the right support & resources
  • Going nowhere slowly. Getting unstuck
  • Embracing Change
  • I’m made from Emotions
  • Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • I can’t hear you! …Communication

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Build a Fearless Team

Inspire your team or company with Fearless Life Coaching through workshops, seminars and training. Detailed packages and fees are available on request. Each package is tailor made to fully assist you and your team.

2 Responses to Evette Kruger
  1. Belinda Ferrando
    May 8, 2013 | 8:31 pm

    Evette is an amazing life coach. She has provided me with so many tools to deal with different situations & emotions. She has helped me find direction and has been my rock through our sessions. I feel much more confident in myself and a lot more in control of my emotions. Life coaching with Evette has been life changing. Thank you, Evette, for everything. I really appreciate it. You are an awesome person.

  2. Jenelle Oosthuizen
    Nov 16, 2017 | 4:17 pm

    I am eternally grateful to God for leading me to such an amazing woman of God such as Evette. She has been blessed with such an extraordinary gift of assisting her clients with breaking free from bondage and enable them to live their life to the fullest! Thank you Evette, you have seen me through the darkest time of my life and am honoured to be your client!

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