Fern Lilburn

Fern LilburnFern Lilburn is committed to helping her clients create, pursue and realise a personal or business vision, through working with and developing their own strengths.

Fern also offers retirement coaching for those clients who find the idea of retirement daunting, confusing or even disheartening. She shows them how to move from an ‘end of the road’ mindset to relishing the start of a brand new and fulfilling adventure.

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Name of Practice: Carpe Diem Life Coaching.
Where: Somerset West, Western Cape.
Born: 1957.
Qualifications: Business Management Diploma (Damelin);
New Insights Certified Life Coach.
Specialises in: Coaching people who want to start a business and people
who are newly retired or approaching retirement.
Unique Selling Proposition: Many years of corporate management experience
and exposure to global trends and best practice. The ability to connect with
people in an open, personal, non-judgmental way.
Fees: R300-R399 per session, negotiable. Free introductory session.
Discounts for advance payments and payment for the full programme.
COMENSA Registered: Yes.
Website:  www.carpediem.org.za
Contact: Click here

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Fern Lilburn, New Insights Certified Life Coach


A short summary about me and how I can help you

 “You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream”
– C S Lewis

This quote was uppermost in my mind when I founded my life coaching practice, Carpe Diem, which as you probably know, is a Latin phrase meaning: ‘Seize the day!’

I feel privileged to have worked with people of all ages, helping them to set inspiring goals and pursue them with purpose.

I firmly believe that we all have the ability within ourselves to make the changes that will transform our lives and add the value and purpose that we are capable of and deserve.

My life experience, coupled with my background in managing high performance sales teams through training, coaching and mentoring people, has given me a great foundation for my current role as a life coach.

On top of that I completed the New Insights life coach training and certification programme and this  has added a range of coaching-specific tools, techniques, skills and knowledge that I can call on to assist my clients.

I am also personally committed to the ongoing learning and procurement of knowledge that is required of any professional life coach.

Suffice to say, if you are wanting to start a business, desirous of fulfilling and meaningful retirement, or just in need of life coaching to help you shine, I am well equipped to help you become empowered and excited about the journey ahead!

Please consider contacting me. It’s simple. Just click here to complete the request form. Be sure to  select me from the drop down list of coaches. 🙂


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