Helen Hattingh

Helen HattinghHelen Hattingh believes in an evidence based coaching approach that measures clients’ success in terms of their results. Such is her confidence in delivering results for her clients that she offers a money-back guarantee.

Helen has dealt with and overcome numerous challenges in life and the personal growth she has experienced coupled with extensive business experience has led her to follow her passion for developing others and, more specifically, young adults.

If you are totally committed to change, Helen promises to help you discover a realm of possibility that you probably never knew existed!


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Name of Practice: Helen Hattingh life coaching.
Where: Gauteng.
Born: 1961.
Qualifications: BA Linguistics, BA Ed, New Insights Certified Life Coach.
Specialises in: Offering a 4ME course that guides adolescents to develop
inner strength, work through and overcome the effects of bullying, anxiety
and depression.
Unique Selling Proposition: The capacity to help you shift such that you see
your full potential and go beyond what you think is possible.
Fees: R800 – R899 per session. 4ME course – 12 sessions for R6,500.
15% discount if paid in advance.
Coaching Body Membership: COMENSA
Website: www.helenhattingh.com
Contact: Click here

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Helen Hattingh, New Insights Certified Life Coach


About me and my practice

After gaining a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in both national and international corporate business development, I realised that there is a great need for personal development to ensure that individuals and groups, or teams, can transcend from the ordinary to the excellent, personally to feed into the relationships, teams, groups or corporate enterprises.

I hold a degree in linguistics and languages from Rhodes University and have many years of experience coaching SMEs (small and medium enterprises) through fiscal management, sales training, performance management, system efficiencies, product development and team building. Throughout this work I have developed a particular fascination for the potential impact and power of communication.

Through much research and questioning about the effect of interpersonal and communication skills on individuals and groups, I have concluded that, no matter whether groups are just two people or one hundred people in size, the working dymamics of the group and its individuals are determined by the nature of the interpersonal relationships.

So what is it that makes a group tick?

Why is it that some groups and relationships work astonishingly well while others fall under the bus?

These questions primed my curiosity and led me on a journey involving many, many years of research and investigation. This culminated in my burning desire to serve for the ‘greater good’.

It’ s this same accumulated passion for a common goal that makes a group, or the individuals in it, work!

I realised that if each individual within a group can grow to be their ‘best self’, the accumulated effect on a group can be quite astounding! I became fascinated and inspired to learn as much as possible about this thing called ‘self’.

I persisted in my quest to button down exactly what makes individual people tick feeling that the answer would lie in understanding the concept of ‘self’.

It was time to have a thorough examination of ‘self’.

My newfound passion led me to start a business as a ‘personal developer’ rather than a ‘business developer’. I believed in the adage: “Don’t fix the symptoms, fix the cause”, and felt that if there were more ‘best selves’ out there, the world would be a better place. With this in the forefront of my mind, I embarked on the most adventurous part of my life, my involvement with life coaching.

After completing the New Insights life coach certification programme, I became truly inspired by – and find real joy in – helping people, teams and businesses grow. I have an array of skills and tools to impart to people to help them get the most out of life and I love to work with people to achieve their ‘best self’ both in an individual and group context.

My personal life journey has not been without serious challenges that I have had to come to terms with. I lost my sister in a violent shooting, I am well acquainted with alcoholism and its impact on family and society, I have been through the trauma of divorce and have lost two very close relatives after their struggles with cancer. I have also had my fair share of experience with business bankruptcy, failed start-ups and retrenchment.

Challenges, though traumatic at the time, are also opportunities for growth and I feel that my overall life experience has equipped me with the personal growth to prepare me for my new coaching career.

I choose to work only with clients who are fully committed to growing and living life fully and who promise to give 100% when it comes to the effort needed to achieve their goals. In return I promise to be laser focused in helping my clients achieve what they set out to.

In short, if you want to discover a realm of possibilities that you never imagined existed and you’re prepared to do what it takes to live your best life, then you can count on my full commitment to get you to that point!

I believe in building relationships based on mutual trust, respect and integrity and I am committed to your safety and security within the coaching environment. I believe in an evidence-based coaching approach that measures your success in terms of you results.

I offer a money back guarantee to back up my offer and take away your risk.

I have only one question for you:

Are you your very best self?

If you answered Yes without hesitation then well done, I salute you.

If you find yourself shaking your head, rubbing your chin or having to think about your answer, please stop what you’re doing and take a small action, right now!

Just click here and select my name from the drop down list of life coaches and submit the form. I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”

~Karen Kaiser Clark



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