Jane Vincent

Jane VincentJane argues that life is not always easy or fair and that we shouldn’t try to make it that way. She advocates finding happiness and fulfilment by changing behaviour and thought processes rather than languishing in ‘entitlement’ or ‘victim’ mode.

Jane employs a process of elimination in her coaching. Knowing who we are not, leads us to knowing who we really are and what we want. Her extensive life experience and training has equipped her to help clients make the necessary changes to be the best they can be.

Jane promises sessions that deliver more time and energy, improved health and relationships, inner fulfilment and joy!

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Name of Practice: Jane and Christine Life Coaching – Redesign your life.
Where: Western Cape.
Born: 1973.
Qualifications: B. Social Science, New Insights Certified Life Coach
(PRO level).
Specialises in: Change of any kind in any life area.
Unique Selling Proposition: Helps you find out who you really are
through a process of elimination and keeping things real and simple.
Fees: R300 – R399 per session, negotiable. First session free of charge.
Coaching Body Membership: No
Website:  www. janeandchristinelifecoaching.com
Contact: Click here

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Jane Vincent, New Insights Certified Life Coach (PRO level)


About Me

I am 46 years old, married, a mom of three and living happily in George.

In my twenties I lived abroad for a few years and took a year off to travel the world, from New York to Singapore. After years away from Sunny South Africa, I decided to return home.

I have had a multifaceted career in several fields working in the corporate banking world for many years as well as in book keeping and as a spinning instructor and a tour guide. After a few years as a working mom, I decided to take a break and try find some balance and focus on being a mom. I enjoy being with the children and watching them grow up, it is a true blessing.

I have struggled a bit at times wanting more than being ‘just a mom’ so set out to find my life purpose. In the process, knowing my strength and innate desire to help others, I found life coaching.

I feel that the many good and bad experiences in my life – dealing with loss of my mom at a young age and later on my brother – have helped me develop greater insight and understanding and, most importantly, empathy.  I have unleashed my passion to help others make changes and find their true meaning in life.

When I am not life coaching and being a mom, I am usually running with my dogs in the mountains, training for one of the many races that I love to compete in. I also love to spend time with friends and family over a glass of wine or two. My favourite pastime is being with my family on the beach … I just love it!

My Life Coaching Philosophy

Firstly, and most importantly, I am results driven and believe change is possible!

I am real, honest, 100% authentic and like to keep things simple.

I like to challenge clients; to push them to get the results they want and I do this in a loving, compassionate, empathetic way.

Life Coaching with me

One thing I can assure you of and that is that on our life coaching journey together, there will definitely be lots of fun and laughter along the way.

I firmly believe life is what we make it … no person or thing can give us happiness, it is within us all … we just need to find it, and let it be.

In the words of the late Dr Wayne Dyer:

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change!”

Here’s what you can expect from our sessions together:

  • We’ll have fun
  • We’ll laugh and we’ll cry
  • We’ll learn
  • We’ll grow
  • We’ll find your true purpose in life

This journey is about you and helping you create the life you want … What you put in is what you get out!

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