Liezl Pape

Liezl PapeLiezl Pape is a firm believer that no matter how talented, intelligent, knowledgeable, skilled and passionate people are, if they struggle to deal with the human element in their career or in life in general, they will battle to move forward.

Liezl’s passion lies in helping her clients to show up in their own lives and realise just how much of a gift it is to be alive in a time like this.

As she succinctly puts it “We’ve got so many resources available. Why not use all of them rather than just settle for a few narrow ways of being in the world?”

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Name of Practice: Living Proof Life Coaching.
Where: Port Elizabeth. Eastern Cape
Born: 1970.
Qualifications: BA Degree; Enneagram Training; New Insights Certified
Life Coach.
Specialises in: Guiding clients to recognise and change limiting behaviours
and thought patterns and to build successful relationships.
Unique Selling Proposition: Extensive knowledge and vast experience in
human behaviour and thought patterns including substantial Enneagram
Fees: R200-R299 per session. Discounted rates if signing up for packages of
either six or thirteen sessions.
COMENSA Registered: No.
Website: and
Contact: Click here

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Liezl Pape, New Insights Certified Life Coach


About me:

I have one memory that constantly surfaces in all the stages of my life …

During my final year in High School, a group of cool kids discussed their future endeavours and while exchanging high profile career possibilities, one looked up and asked: “So Liezl, what are you going to do with your life?” The answer was not a new one. It was one I had known from a very young age. It was simple. “I want to change the world – one person at a time. Starting with me.”

Sadly, this was not received well by my peers who labelled me ‘an optimist with my head in the clouds’. Who did I think I was to have such a grandiose dream? they were no doubt thinking. After all, the state of the world surely can’t be changed by one person!

By grace and many deliberate, consistent, mostly small actions, I managed to hold on to this dream through many unpredictable, beautiful, messy and adventurous years. I committed to a series of “Yesses”, sometimes at great cost. I said yes to participation, to growth and to new expressions of life. In short, I said yes to change.

Now, in the second half of my life, I am able to draw from my extensive knowledge of and vast experience with universal human behaviour and thought patterns. This is a product of years of personal inner work as well as the successful completion of numerous Enneagram (study of human behaviour) courses presented by a variety of top teachers, each skilled in their respective disciplines.

For the past ten years I have immersed myself in group work, focusing on spiritual growth and personal development. I have become experienced in establishing meaningful rapport with others.

My BA degree and subsequent experience as a high school teacher has helped me to relate and connect with young adults.

Now, as a life coach I am ready to give a new expression to my life mission.

We can change our world. One person at a time.
Take responsibility for life.
Do not waste one more day.
Say ‘Yes’!

Will you benefit from life coaching with me?

Definitely, provided that:

  • You want to progress, starting from the present moment.
  • You are eager to discover hidden possibilities within yourself and willing to replace beliefs that restrain you.
  • You are committed to follow through with consistent actions that establish long lasting change
  • You are willing to invest financially in your most precious asset: LIFE.

However, I am not the right person to coach you if:

  • You are looking to get closure from events that happened in the past.
  • You rely on me to provide answers and action plans to improve your life.
  • You expect me to bring about and maintain your change.
  • You expect to receive free life coaching instead of a fair exchange.

If you feel you would like to explore life coaching with me please contact me now. Just click here to complete the request form. Be sure to  select my name from the drop down list of coaches provided. 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you!


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