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Posted 3 months ago by Anerene Rossouw

Anerene Rossouw believes in people and their ability to transform their lives.  Her mission is to help others to feel inspired about life and courageous enough to set a clear focus on achieving their ultimate desires and ambitions. Name of Practice: Anerene Rossouw life coaching Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Born: 1980 Qualifications: BCom Informatics, New Insights certified life coach (PRO level). Specialises in: Genereal life coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching (couples and pre-maritals) Unique Selling Proposition: I set the focus on you! We discuss, plan, analyse and then take action. I believe in people and in their ability to...

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Posted 3 months ago by natalie-kirby

Natalie Kirby defines her coaching style as ‘focused, driven and motivating’. Natalie will support you in building your success and developing you towards your goal. She provides an open and calm space for her clients to feel nurtured and respected. She has the ability to offer compassion blended with the necessary firmness that ensures her clients are pushed to find their greatness. Natalie has a track record of helping corporate and private clients to excel in achieving their goals and leverage coaching as the key to their ongoing success. Name of Practice: Open Doors Life Coaching. Where: Sunningdale, Milnerton, W....

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Posted 3 months ago by Chantell Vermaak-Johnson

Chantell Vermaak-Johnson is a Relationship Coach who believes that we are all connected to each other through our relationships and that it is the quality of our relationships that determines the quality of our lives. Chantell’s life coaching mission is: “Changing lives, one relationship at a time.” Name of Practice: Heart Power. Where: East London, Eastern Cape (but coaches internationally). Born: 1968. Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Professional Stress Management; New Insights Certified PRO Life Coach. Specialises in: Working with clients to improve the quality of their relationships, starting with the relationship they have with themselves. Unique Selling Proposition: There’s nothing...

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Posted 3 months ago by michelle-bloem

For Michelle Bloem, being a life coach is a calling, not just a career. Michelle has always had a passion for working with people. After years of experience as an HR manager she discovered a real passion for people and an innate desire to help them reach their true potential. Michelle loves listening, not just to what people say, but also to discover what is revealed by their silence and body language. She genuinely believes that, through life coaching, anyone can be successful in living their own personal best life and fulfilling their unique purpose. Name of Practice: SA Life...

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Posted 3 months ago by Emile Cronje

Emile Cronje is a passionate believer in people’s ability to change and become whatever it is they desire for themselves. Emile understands that whereas coming to terms with the need to change is a vital first step, the next step – taking the actions required to set them on a new course – is often made difficult by restrictive beliefs and self-doubts. He takes pride in using his life coaching expertise and techniques to help people overcome their doubts and fears … and make things happen! Emile has special empathy for people who need to overcome significant personal obstacles to...

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Posted 3 months ago by Carmen Smit

Carmen Smit wants to walk the life coaching journey with anyone over the age of 16 years who feels they need a change in their life or anyone with dreams who feels stuck and doesn’t know how to move forward. She is passionate about helping to make others successful. Whether you are a young adult or a more senior member of society, Carmen specialises in helping you to find out who and what you want to be and helping you get there. Carmen coaches on multiple platforms including but not limited to Skype, telephone, face-to-face or online conferencing. Name of...

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Posted 3 months ago by taryn-fox

Taryn Fox feels that the many good and bad experiences she has had in life have helped her to develop greater insight, understanding and – most importantly – empathy. The ‘bad’ experiences have included divorce, weight issues, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, self-doubt, betrayal and past corporate career difficulties. Taryn believes these have helped her to identify with people from all walks of life. Taryn’s coaching motto is “Be the Change”. Her coaching sessions are conducted in a supportive, caring, inspirational and empowering way. She fully dedicates herself to challenging and growing her clients to become the best version of themselves....

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Posted 3 months ago by Christine Jeffery

Christine Jeffery believes that everybody has the power to redesign their lives. She is passionate about people and helping them to become the best version of themselves. Her 33 years of teaching special needs children has equipped her with the knowledge, empathy and experience to help people from all walks of life. According to Christine, life involves a clear choice. Be empowered and find true happiness, or give your personal power away and fulfill someone else’s dream. Christine specialises in helping people to negate their debilitating beliefs and negative thought patterns and she does so in an honest, real, and...

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Posted 3 months ago by Jane Vincent

Jane Vincent argues that life is not always easy or fair and that we shouldn’t try to make it that way. She advocates finding happiness and fulfilment by changing behaviour and thought processes rather than languishing in ‘entitlement’ or ‘victim’ mode. Jane employs a process of elimination in her coaching. Knowing who we are not, leads us to knowing who we really are and what we want. Her extensive life experience and training has equipped her to help clients make the necessary changes to be the best they can be. Jane promises sessions that deliver more time and energy, improved health and relationships,...

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