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Yvette Charles

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Posted 2 weeks ago by Yvette Charles

Yvette Charles' love for helping people push beyond their comfort zones started in her 'previous lives' as a company managing director and entrepreneur. As a lifestyle coach, Yvette helps clients to transform their lives. She aims to bring alignment in mind, body and spirit by helping clients to step into their inner power. In so doing they are free to be their true self with confidence and courage. Yvette's passion for coaching is underpinned by the belief that each of us has an inherent knowledge of our best self and we owe it to our self to realise that potential....

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Posted 5 months ago by Melissa Bouwer

Melissa Bouwer says: "If you can't seem to escape the exhausting weight of worry crushing the joy and fulfilment from your life, I’ve been there and can absolutely relate." Melissa is passionate about helping worriers discover and bring out their own inner warrior.  Melissa will help you overcome fear, worry and adversity by helping you to live more mindfully, be kinder to yourself and make positive changes in your life. She aims to bring her own unique perspective, practical approach, honesty and empathy to each session to ensure that you feel encouraged, safe and gently but firmly challenged to grow....

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Posted 7 months ago by Estee Stern

Estee Stern has a passion for people and has mentored both teens and adults for over a decade. With Estee's deep understanding and acceptance of every individual, she creates a warm, safe and trusting environment. Her passion and enthusiasm for life will inspire you to tap into your true potential, enabling you to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Estee does this by integrating her knowledge, as well as her experience, to impart wisdom and practical tools that empower people to live life both consciously and mindfully. Coaching, for Estee, is not a career but rather her life’s calling!...

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Posted 8 months ago by Cora-Lee Bezuidenhout

Cora–Lee Bezuidenhout has that positivity factor clients are looking for within the supportive field of life coaching. Cora believes that life is a journey. With the right guidance, you will be equipped to face any challenge life throws at you. Cora uses optimistic reinforcers to demonstrate that you are more than capable of turning the lemons in your life into lemonade! Cora will help you set and achieve inspiring yet realistic goals in any area of your life. With Cora as your life coach, you’ll have a lifelong companion, there to cheer you on every step of the way. Name...

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Posted 10 months ago by Jenna Wait

Jenna Wait knows how much courage it takes to step into a place of self-reflection, growth and expansion. She provides professional guidance, support and encouragement to overcome fear, get unstuck and embrace new possibilities.  Jenna works with woman and men between the ages of 25-45 looking to create financial independence, build confidence and design a life that is filled with positive & sustainable change.  As Jenna says: “All of the changes you are craving must begin within. When you dig deep and do the inner work, it is then – and only then – that miraculous shifts begin to ripple...

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Posted 11 months ago by Deneera Singh

Deneera Singh would be delighted to walk the journey of personal transformation with any courageous, curious person who is committed to explore the meaning of their life. She offers  a warm, safe life coaching experience that will ultimately give her clients an advantage in life. Deneera uses the coaching sessions to help her clients uncover their inner power. She does this by igniting the depths of transformative thinking patterns and ways of being that radiate positive energy. This makes it easier to change gear while navigating through life as Deneera assists clients to pause, breathe, and strategise the next move....

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Posted 1 year ago by Vernette Nieuwenhuys

Vernette Nieuwenhuys offers life coaching to women and men between 45 and 60 years of age who want to re-purpose and re-position themselves within a particular phase of life. Whether you're seeking personal development, career or financial change, Vernette will help you reveal your own inner strength and uniqueness; rejuvenate your ability to overcome obstacles and show you how to become the change maker in your own life. Vernette is confident that creating positive change in one area of your life will enable a magical ripple effect of positive life changes, moving you closer to discovering your very own purpose...

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Posted 1 year ago by Anerene Rossouw

Anerene Rossouw believes in people and their ability to transform their lives.  Her mission is to help others to feel inspired about life and courageous enough to set a clear focus on achieving their ultimate desires and ambitions. Name of Practice: Anerene Rossouw life coaching Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Born: 1980 Qualifications: BCom Informatics, New Insights certified life coach (PRO level). Specialises in: Genereal life coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching (couples and pre-maritals) Unique Selling Proposition: I set the focus on you! We discuss, plan, analyse and then take action. I believe in people and in their ability to...

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Posted 1 year ago by Chantell Vermaak-Johnson

Chantell Vermaak-Johnson is a Relationship Coach who believes that we are all connected to each other through our relationships and that it is the quality of our relationships that determines the quality of our lives. Chantell’s life coaching mission is: “Changing lives, one relationship at a time.” Name of Practice: Heart Power. Where: East London, Eastern Cape (but coaches internationally). Born: 1968. Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Professional Stress Management; New Insights Certified PRO Life Coach. Specialises in: Working with clients to improve the quality of their relationships, starting with the relationship they have with themselves. Unique Selling Proposition: There’s nothing...

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Posted 1 year ago by michelle-bloem

For Michelle Bloem, being a life coach is a calling, not just a career. Michelle has always had a passion for working with people. After years of experience as an HR manager she discovered a real passion for people and an innate desire to help them reach their true potential. Michelle loves listening, not just to what people say, but also to discover what is revealed by their silence and body language. She genuinely believes that, through life coaching, anyone can be successful in living their own personal best life and fulfilling their unique purpose. Name of Practice: SA Life...

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