Lynette Schulz

Lynette SchulzLynette Schulz has been involved in counseling and mentoring for a long time and has a passion for people who are hurting, or, more specifically, for people who have been through traumatic events and who have a need for healing and restoration.

In her capacity as a life coach Lynette specialises in helping people who are starting out in life and who need assistance in reaching their goals and identifying and fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Lynette also enjoys working with women in business and leadership positions who require help kickstarting their careers and navigating the work environment.


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Name of Practice: Rapha Designs.
Where: Centurion, Gauteng.
Born: 1958.
Qualifications: Diploma in IT, BA degree in Theology, New Insights
Certified Life Coach.
Specialises in: Working with people of all ages, including those starting
out in life and those working in the corporate environment.
Unique Selling Proposition: Firsthand experience of many trials and
tribulations has prepared me to work with others with compassion
and? understanding. Passionate about developing people and helping them
to? become the best versions of themselves.
Fees: R300-R399 per session. Negotiable on a client by client basis.
COMENSA Registered: No.
Contact: Click here

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Lynette Schulz, New Insights Certified Life Coach


My family background

My name is Lynette Schulz. I am the daughter of an English-speaking father and an Afrikaans-speaking mother. We spoke Afrikaans at home, but I was raised to love my English-speaking father’s roots.

I am one of three sisters all of whom were treated as equals. We were taught to test everything and not take anything at face value. We were also taught to treat everyone we met with respect and dignity no matter the race, colour or creed. We were encouraged to go after whatever we wanted in life and never to give up.

Through my upbringing I developed a passion for helping other people find their purposes in life and to help them understand that they can do anything; that how they shape their future is entirely their choice.

My working background

As a young person, I followed my dream of becoming financially independent and joined the IT industry. I found this environment very harsh and unrelenting. There is no room for errors and you are under constant stress to perform at your optimum level. I have seen many people losing their marriages, losing their way in life, burning out and having nervous breakdowns. I know of many people who prematurely had heart attacks and I also know of many people who committed suicide because they found the pressure just too much.

The years I spent in this industry convinced me that there are many people out there who need guidance and assistance to navigate highly stressful career paths. I believe that my own firsthand experience renders me ideally suited to assist others to see the pitfalls, understand their options and make the best decisions when planning for their futures.

As a ‘woman in a man’s world’, especially when I started out in IT in 1980, I learnt some harsh lessons about the corporate world and about the so called ‘glass ceiling’. I was exposed to many typically sexist comments and behaviours. I tried to be the proverbial ‘Superwoman’, juggling my responsibilities of holding down a job, raising my kids and being a good mother and wife while still making time for myself. This was extremely challenging. Despite the challenges I managed to climb the corporate ladder and become a senior manager in a large corporation.

Developing a passion for helping others

As I look back I realise just what a nightmare life was for me then but I wasn’t alone – many of my contemporaries endured the same struggles. It has helped me realise the extent to which such people, and, in my opinion, especially women, need the support of others who can encourage them, challenge their beliefs and values and hold them accountable to do what they know in their hearts is right for them.

As I became more experienced I naturally gravitated to taking on mentoring roles in the companies where I worked. It allowed me to use my own struggles, experiences and learnings to benefit other young ptofessionals coming through the ranks.

Working with the youth

I always enjoyed close relationships with the young people that I worked with in various companies. They would naturally seek me out when they needed advice and mentoring.

In addition, I have enjoyed working with the youth in our community church and other organisations for many years and have a passion for helping them find answers to their many questions about careers, life choices, future plans and handling life’s challenges. I especially love working with and helping those who may be experiencing tough times and who need some love and acceptance.

My faith and my family

I am a Christian and my faith is extremely important to me.

My husband and I have been married since 1980 and we have a daughter and son, both in their thirties. My son is newly married. My daughter was married and I am a proud, doting grandmother to a little girl of five.

Sadly, my daughter got divorced some years ago. As you can imagine, this is a very painful experience to go through and I have of course been on hand to experience my daughter dealing with the process and many very difficult emotions.

My role as a life coach

Everything I have shared with you this far has, I believe prepared me really well for my new role as a life coach.

I am proud to have studied through New Insights and found the concepts and principles espoused in their training to resonate well with me. My training has has strengthened my self confidence and enhanced my belief that we humans are all connected through a common bond and that we can have a profound effect on one another.

As a certified life coach I feel equipped to make a real and positive difference in the lives of others and to help many of my clients find and live their purpose in life.

How I can help you?

These are the life coaching fields in which I feel best suited to make a difference.
• Career coaching
• Christian based coaching
• Coaching women
• Corporate coaching
• Finding life purpose
• Leadership
• Personal Development
• Spiritual growth
• Stress management
• Students
• Teenagers/young adults
• Work/life balance

If my story speaks to you and you feel that I can help you please visit the ‘Request a Coach’ page on this website and or simply click here. Choose my name from the dropdown menu of coaches.

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