Marion von Maltzahn

Marion von MaltzahnOne thing is certain, Marion enjoys coaching people, whether that be one-to-one or in a group. Marion has also completed the executive coaching course at UCT and has now found her niche in business coaching.

As she says, “I take great pleasure in helping entrepreneurs in small and medium sized businesses develop and execute their future business plans. Through a process of life coaching and self-discovery they are empowered to bring their unique personalities to their businesses.”

Through her coaching Marion aims to open people’s eyes to how easily they can be the best they can.


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Name of Practice: CIANA Coaching and Wellness
Where: Swakopmund, Namibia
Born: 1959
Qualifications: Executive Coaching (UCT),  New Insights Certified Life Coach
(ELITE level).
Specialises in: Confidential development
Unique Selling Proposition: I am very patient with my clients and love to
listen carefully and in detail to what they have to say. It is a privilege for me
to be able to help clients using the proven techniques of New Insights.
Fees: R300-R399 per session. Rewards for loyal clients in the
form of additional free sessions.
COMENSA Registered: No
Website: No
Contact: Click here

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Marion von Maltzahn, New Insights Certified ELITE Life Coach



My name is Marion and I feel so privileged to be a life coach.  Coaching is one of the best occupation you can have, because it is such a fulfilling work. It is a great feeling to help people to live and experience their utmost best.

I am able to say that because coaching got me to live a much more positive life and see the good in life, although much of it often seems so ‘bad’.  In the ‘bad’ there is always the ‘good’ … you just have to find it and through coaching you can do just that!

I have been working as a coach since 2013 and I have never looked back.  With most of my clients I still have contact and, when necessary, I am there for them.


There are so many opportunities to apply coaching in life – one just has to create them.

My practice

My coaching practice is called: CIANA Coaching & Wellness and through this business I am promoting a holistic approach to health; physically and mentally.

I am currently involved in providing coaching services to a welfare company called COSDEC to develop the business sense of entrepreneurs who are starting out. It is so rewarding as I see how people are developing themselves and thereby creating better businesses.

What I can offer

If, after reading my profile, you think I may be  able to assist you please click on the link below, complete the application and choose me from the drop down list of coaches provided

To contact me

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