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Marlene-BooysensMarlene Booyens makes it her business to understand her clients – always. She has over 30 years experience in corporate Human Resources, Finance and Training & Development leadership in various roles. This gives her insight into many of the issues that pose a challenge to her clients.

Marlene places great importance on building relationships with her clients within set boundaries. Using a goal oriented approach, she helps her clients to face and overcome obstacles by seeking alternatives to find holistic solutions to issues. Then she motivates them to take the actions they need to, always testing to ensure she is adding real value.

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Name of Practice: MB Coaching
Where: Bellville, Western Cape
Born: 1958
Qualifications: BA Hons (Psychology); BCom Hons (Business Economics);
Hypnosis Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF); New Insights certified
life coach.
Specialises in: Relationship issues, personal empowerment and
self-confidence, health and lifestyle matters, financial freedom, career
building, tailored coaching sessions for management in corporates and
private individuals.
Unique Selling Proposition: An excellent, non judgemental listener, who
is skilled at facilitating sustainable change and helping people to reach
their full potential by identifying the root cause of what’s holding them back.
Fees: R500-R599 per session. A discount is available for full programme
COMENSA Registered: Yes
Contact: Click here

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Welcome to Marlene Booyens and MB Coaching

Hi! I’m Marlene Booyens and I have a few questions for you:

  • How do you feel about your life?
  • What inspires you?
  • Where can you grow?
  • Do you have dreams?
  • Do you have specific goals you wish to achieve?
  • Why do you want to achieve them?

Let’s be honest – you can’t change your history, wipe it out or turn back the clock. It is what it is. But the good news is  . . .  you can still make your dreams and goals a reality! Life Coaching is the answer. Coaching is about getting RESULTS!! Coaching will enables you to:

  • take stock of your current reality;
  • determine what you want or how you want things to be;
  • discover what you need to do to get there;
  • move from where you are now to where you want to be, in whatever area of your life is important to you, such as  finances, relationships, health, career, etc.

Important: Coaching is not about telling you what to do or how to do it. It’s about building on potential; creating the change that enhances your performance and learning. Contact me today for a 1-hour preliminary strategy coaching session. You can do so by clicking here and filling in the request form with my name as your chosen coach.

Coaching Services

I’m based in Bellville, one of Cape Town’s northern suburbs. I provide individually tailored coaching sessions (one-on-one sessions) for all levels of management in a corporate environment, as well as for private individuals. I specialise in relationships issues, personal empowerment and self-confidence, health and lifestyle matters, financial freedom, career building (we spend ± a third of our lives at work).

Coaching starts off with a one hour preliminary strategy coaching session, using either John Whitmore’s GROW Model or the structured and well-balanced New Insights Africa Personal Development Coaching Programme  (a tried and trusted programme, spanning a 6-month period), which I adapt where necessary.

Here’s what some of my clients said about the New Insights coaching programme:

“I completed the New Insights  Coaching Programme with Marlene. I had several development areas that I wanted to address and change in my life. I received practical, achievable advice and tools that I will be able to use through the rest of the areas in my life. This new way of thinking is already so integrated in my life that I don’t have to consciously think about them anymore.” – Test Analyst (Information Technology)

“The process is thorough and leads you to assess areas of your life in a different/deeper way. It gets you to the ‘real issues’ and does not only attempt to fix the obvious. It provides practical guidance to set goals and a roadmap to get there. The process facilitates self-evaluation and provides insight into the behavior of others. It leads you to understand the influence of your beliefs, values, rules and needs. It highlights the need to change certain thinking and behavioral patterns. The material is relevant for people of all levels. Commitment to the process and ‘homework’ is essential for success.” – Senior Manager

“Having been coached helped me to enhance my potential to perform better in my job and to be more productive. It increased my self-confidence and self-esteem. My skills are enhanced. It identified areas for development and turned it into potential successes. It develops good relationships. Provides an opportunity to think about a better work role and career. Gives focused attention to training and development.” – Junior Manager

“It is an ongoing process which is heavily dependent on my participation.  It is driven by my goals and aspirations to improve myself.  The coach’s role is one of facilitation, to create the environment and to steer and guide. I can say that at this point my Coach has fully complied and excelled in setting the stage and guiding the process.  I have found her to be insightful and knowledgeable. These elements are crucial in the guiding of a journey of self-discovery. The biggest thing that a Coach needs to have is credibility and believability as without these characteristics she won’t get buy-in.  I have bought in. The value-add of coaching is not specific to the attainment of said goals, but delivers benefits in how everyday milestones are achieved.  It is a way of thinking and a way of behaving.  One feels as though the journey of the rest of your life has begun, and a world of possibilities opens.  What does work is how these things spill over into the rest of one’s life, not just work.” – Junior Manager

Here’s what some of my clients said about working with me

“Marlene has a wonderful unique way of summarising and even giving words to emotions and by asking the right questions getting me to the bottom of exactly what it was that was bothering me. She had more than enough energy for the both of us, to inspire me, to get going and work on these areas.” – Test Anlayst (Information Technology)

“Marlene has an inherent ability to see more than meets the eye. Her academic knowledge combined with life experience, both personally and professionally, are valuable tools that enhance her success in understanding and helping people. Although sympathetic towards difficult situations, Marlene is a driver and will push clients to move beyond the obstacles and onto a path of action to do/be better.  She constantly motivates you to assess your feelings, to understand the roots and how to change behaviour in support of your goals. Her approach is honest and she challenges her clients to face the true facts and then assist them in dealing with it to get to the desired results.” – Senior Manager

“Marlene has practical real life experience that enables her to understand her clients as well as to have empathy with what is troubling them. She is by nature a person who wants to assist other people to reach their full potential and this is indicative of the passion she has for what you do. She unravels issues down to the origin and addresses the problem itself, not the person (she does not judge other people’s behaviour). Marlene perseveres and keeps on working with her client to resolve problems and she’s willing to stay for the long run. She is focused on the client and not on self-gain. Marlene listens to what the client says, but more importantly, she listens to what the client is NOT saying. Most often this is where the answers lie. She sorts through all the noise to get to the real problem. She knows when her client is elusive and how to get them back on track. Marlene always asks the right questions.It is not the right answers that matter, but the right questions matters MOST. Marlene allows and leads her client to get to the right answers on their own and from within. She does not pressure the client to take the direction that she thinks should be the right one.” –Middle Manager

“Marlene is a very wise woman and has experienced a lot in life.  She is a people-person and has a passion in life to develop others to their best ability.  In her sincere interaction with people, she quickly assesses and determines one’s strong and weak points.  Always with only the best in mind for that individual (and without thinking of herself and how much of herself she is giving), she will with much energy steer and guide you to make a change.  She is a very persistent person and does not give up, not until the goal has been reached and will explore all possible alternatives.  If plan A does not work there will be a plan B and C (whatever plan is needed), will see the light in order to find solutions.  She really has an unbelievably sincere way of getting the best out of you and will push for only the best, while she is there for guidance all the way. Her drive is to lead and guide you to take control of your life and change what is possible and necessary to ensure a better, stronger, happier you!!!  You can be sure…if you are willing, she will get you there!!!!!” – Junior Manager

“What makes Marlene different from other coaches is the relationship she builds with each individual.  She has the ability to be manager, friend, mentor and coach all in one, yet still knows and enforces the boundaries of each relationship. Marlene always wants you to achieve to the best of your ability but she has a way of “pushing” you to strive for more!  As a coach she has exceptional insight and a unique way of motivating you to reach your potential in both your career and your personal and family life. Marlene has helped me numerous times to come up with plans to achieve certain goals.  She follows up, motivates, listens when the going gets tough, and helps to adjust your plan so that the outcome is still the desired one!  She has enormous determination and a great desire to deliver on her promises.” – Junior Manager

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