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Nicky Slow, New Insights certified life coachNicky is a dietician by profession and has studied extensively in the field of human behaviour, coaching, facilitation, brain profiling and empowerment. Nicky’s vision is to impart truth that transforms lives. She is inspired by helping people awaken their genius and expand their levels of awareness so that they reach their full potential and fulfil their life purpose. She does this by integrating her knowledge and experience to impart wisdom and practical tools that empower people in all the seven primary life areas – vocationally, financially, mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and in the family, through coaching, training, writing and speaking.


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Name of Practice: Leaving a Legacy
Where: Sandton (Woodmead), Gauteng
Born: 1973
Qualifications: Dietician, Demartini Method facilitator; Kinesiologist,
NBI Thinking Styles Practitioner,  New Insights Certified Life Coach.
Specialises in: Leadership development and assisting people master their
lives. Understanding the  mind-body connection and helping people
transcend their physical challenges such as weight loss issues, acute and
chronic illness and stress management.
USP:Helping people awaken their genius and expand their levels of
awareness so that they reach their full potential and fulfill their
life purpose.
Fees: R500-R599 per session
COMENSA Registration: Not stated
Contact: Click here

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My Background:

I am a dietician by profession and I enjoyed my career in the pharmaceutical industry, managing the sales and marketing of a line of specialized nutritional products for almost 10 years. After I had my second child, the company went through a restructure with the result that I was required to take on a large amount of additional responsibility, requiring very long working hours. At that stage of my life, with two young children, that really didn’t suit me! I found myself at a crossroads and I needed to do some soul searching and evaluate the options I was faced with.

On one hand I could choose to continue climbing the corporate ladder, enjoying the financial rewards that this path offered, but at the expense of my family and the connection with my inner self.  For me, the reality of working full time meant that I would be living in survival mode, doing the ‘external’ things that need to be done to care for children and run the house but foregoing time to touch the lives of the special people in my life. On the other hand, I could try to find a source of income that would also allow me to meet my deep inner needs of becoming all that I was created to be and to fulfil my life purpose.

Leaving a legacy logoI realised that I needed to prioritise time for personal growth and development, as what I did not have I could not give to others. I wanted to live my life being an inspiration to others, so I realised that I needed to make serious life choices that would enable me to focus on the things that matter most. At the end of 2005 I took the plunge and resigned from my corporate career.

When we open ourselves to change it heightens our awareness for new opportunities!

I joined a wonderful organisation that specialises in the development of working women, and enjoyed working with the team to educate, challenge & inspire working women. Through this experience, my life purpose became clear to me and I set out on my own to equip myself to fulfill my purpose.

I studied life coaching and numerous other life empowerment courses. I have a passion for learning & development. I aim to develop myself to higher & higher levels and impart the truths that I discover into the lives of others so that their lives can also be transformed. I have a burning desire to assist people to discover the divine magnificence within them, to identify their life purpose & to become and feel empowered to fulfil it.

My Coaching Philosophy:

I believe we can ‘be transformed by the renewing of our minds’.

The Life Coaching process that I will take you through will enable you to take stock of your life and set goals to bring balance and give your direction. We will work on identifying and eliminating any limiting beliefs that you have, discovering discrepancies in your vales that may be keeping you from reaching your goals and fulfilling you dreams, we will write a value structure for ultimate success, uncover your life purpose and set goals that will set you on track to living your life purpose. We will work on empowering all seven key areas of life, namely financial, mental, spiritual, social, family, physical, vocational/career. As we do this, your potential will be ignited, your life will acquire new meaning and you will feel invigorated to pursue your life purpose with passion.

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