Samantha Gopalan

Samantha GopalanMost would agree with Samantha Gopalan, when she says that we live in a world of uncertainty and constant change.

Many societal norms that existed to give definition and direction to society are collapsing or being questioned. The need for the human spirit to evolve authentically and find something more meaningful is becoming more prevalent, leaving many of us with that burning question in our minds “Is there more to Life?”

Samantha believes that the initial step in reaching a state of genuine contentment involves working on ourselves first. To support this, she quotes from Robin Sharma:

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind then in reality”.


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Name of Practice: Mind Everest Self Discovery & Life Coaching.
Where: Midrand, Randburg, Honeydew – Gauteng.
Born: 1983.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Technology Degree: Marketing; National
Diploma in Marketing;  New Insights Certified Life Coach.
Specialises in: No speciality. General practitioner.
Unique Selling Proposition: At the heart of Mind Everest is a belief that
when you help others you really help yourself. A strong ability to relate
to others and help find room for growth and improvement in any and all
areas of life. 10% of Mind Everest’s earnings are donated to charity.
Fees: R500-R599 per session.
COMENSA Registered: No.
Contact: Click here

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Samantha Gopalan, New Insights Certified Life Coach


Mind Everest Life Coaching 

About Mind Everest:

As mentioned in the Introduction, I believe the initial step in reaching a state of genuine contentment involves working on ourselves first.

My coaching practice, Mind Everest Self Discovery & Life Coaching was born with this exact premise in mind. My mission is to help people like you to:

  • increase your self-awareness;
  • strengthen the psyche; and
  • empower you to become more resilient in uncovering your life’s purpose and achieve the goals that serve your authentic being


About me:

My name is Samantha Gopalan.

Five years ago, that burning question “Is there more to Life?” started playing on my mind and leading me on my own journey of self-discovery. I began immersing myself in self-help and spiritual literature which brought great interest and fascination about the human mind. That intensified my thirst for learning about new ways to evolve and pacify the mind.

While on this journey, I stumbled upon life coaching, seemingly by chance. I met with an industrial psychologist with whom I had to do assessments as a prerequisite for a job interview. During our discussions it became clear to me that, as far as my vocation was concerned, I had reached a cross roads in my life. I was in search of something more.

The psychologist referred me to a life coach to help me get more direction in life. I started researching the discipline of life coaching and that was when I came across New Insights Life Coach Training.

New Insights’ main aim is to empower aspiring life coaches through an accredited certification programme. Interestingly, they also claimed that their programme would bring about a positive, life changing impact, whether or not the person in training ultimately decides to practice life coaching. This proposition offered a win – win scenario for me, so I enrolled with New Insights Africa and embarked on what was a challenging certification programme.

Being awarded my certificate of completion was particularly rewarding after an intense four hour written examination and extensive pro bono coaching to meet the practical requirements. However, the most fulfilling aspect was the exposure to the content that helped transform me for the better – and I set my sights on using it to help others.

Needless to say, I simply couldn’t wait to open my own coaching practice … and that was the genesis of Mind Everest Self Discovery & Life Coaching.


What life coaching with me entails:

I offer a 13-session one-on-one personal coaching programme that continues over a duration of around 6 months to bring about a wonderfully positive transformation offering enhanced personal freedom, greater self confidence and substantial personal growth.

The session structure follows the acclaimed New Insights programme. I can’t wait to share this with you and show you how it will take you on your own amazing journey of self-discovery, with my total support and encouragement along the way.

It’s without doubt, one of the best investments that YOU will make in YOU!


Contact me now:

Please click here, select my name from the dropdown list of coaches and I’ll contact you to discuss the next steps.


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