Tania Potter

Tania Potter, New Insights certified life coachYears spent channeling natural enthusiasm and quirky intuition into living a happy, healthy life has given Tania ample experience in dealing with the “Do I have to?” and “Are we there yet?” types of life questions. By learning to tame her wandering attention and stubborn resistance to doing things she knows perfectly well will be good for her, she is uniquely equipped to help others who are inclined to procrastinate and stay ‘stuck’ in a life that is less than ideal.

If you are ready to start designing the life you know inside yourself you are truly capable of living, then Tania is the coach for you.

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Name of Practice: Soul Sense Coaching
Where: Richard’s Bay, KwaZulu Natal
Qualifications: BCom Marketing, Reflexology & Aromatherapy, Postgraduate
Diploma in Tertiary Education; New Insights Certified  Life Coach.
Specialises in: Health & Emotional Wellness, Weight Loss, Self-Awareness,
Anxiety, Dealing with Grief.
Unique Selling Proposition: Action orientated, creative life coaching for happy,
healthy living. Soul Sense Coaching is grounded in Mahatma Gandhi’s
philosophy, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Fees: R500-R599 per session negotiable. Special rate of R350 per session for
New Insights trainee coaches.
COMENSA Registered: No
Website: www.soulsensecoaching.co.za
Contact: Click here

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About Soul Sense Life Coaching

Imagine your life is like a car, a unique and colourful vehicle whose sole purpose is to take you where you want to go. Usually we spend vast amounts of time and energy shining and buffing the outside of our cars or, for the creatively challenged out there, searching for the ideal job, perfect relationship, best education, gorgeous home and all the trappings that make our lives look good on the outside.

But when it comes to popping the bonnet and having a look at the inner workings of what makes us tick, most of us have no idea where to begin. And because we aren’t tweaking and oiling all the inner bits that need tweaking and oiling, our cars stop doing what they were designed to do, which is to take us where we want to go.

Sometimes we are whizzing along, busily zipping in and out and we never stop to check that we are heading in the right direction. Or, if our attention is focused only on the outside, we can be meandering along enjoying the view when wham, we hit one of life’s unfortunate potholes and we suddenly realise we have no enthusiasm or joy left. We find we are simply going through the motions, doing what we have to do to get through the day.

But what if a skilled mechanic appeared, lifted your bonnet (figuratively speaking of course!) and showed you how to grease all your inner bits? If they taught you to focus on the internal mechanisms that are holding you back and explained how to tune your engine to get the very best out of yourself? And if that same mechanic sat down with you and plotted the most marvellous route for you to take and showed you all sorts of fabulous shortcuts? Take a moment to think about how extraordinary your life will be …

… Then give me a call because that’s what Life Coaching is all about!

Although I can work with you on any goals from personal development to business, I specialise in:

  • Health and emotional wellness
  • Weight loss
  • Self-awareness
  • Anxiety
  • Restoring the balance with grief

Life Coaching will help you:

  • Live with enthusiasm
  • Understand, accept and get the best out of yourself
  • Put the joy back into taking action
  • Build self confidence
  • Transform your inner critic into an inspiring superhero
  • Integrate positive new habits into your life
  • Restore life balance and
  • Celebrate your successes

What will I do for you?

  • Offer tried and tested techniques to help you discover what is meaningful in your life
  • Provide a professional, confidential service you can rely on
  • Encourage you to keep moving forward
  • Be firm with you when necessary!
  • Be an enthusiastic and engaged support for your journey
  • Believe in you even when you don’t.
  • Listen attentively to what you are really saying
  • Use creative problem solving when you are stuck

What I offer?

  • Guidance throughout the process of change
  • Email and telephone support between sessions
  • On line sessions with Skype
  • Face to face sessions for local clients
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions to suit your budget

 About Me:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.

And then go and do that. Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

Are you one of the lucky people who leap out of bed in the morning filled with enthusiasm for the fabulous day ahead? Or do you sometimes get a sinking feeling that if this is your life you are not really sure you want it?

For many of us, life happens just outside our control. We rush from one often unfulfilling task to another with never quite enough time or money to do what we truly want. It is as if life is going about its business and we are like feathers blowing every which way in the wind.

My name is Tania Potter and one morning in my early twenties, I woke up knowing with absolute certainty that I did not want to be the Financial Manager that I was half way through an Honours Degree towards becoming. It was a pivotal moment but unfortunately the bit about what exactly I did want to become was not forthcoming. The thing about being in a place of uncertainty and confusion is that IF (and this is no small task) but if you can get past the initial fear and resist the urge to hang on as tightly as you can to the first thing that passes by, you discover a spacious openness, positively brimming with possibility!

Instead of being quite so sure of things, the curious part of me began to wonder, is this really how it has to be? Is this who I am? And more importantly, is this truly how I want to live? So I made some changes, I took up meditation, volunteered at Hospice, became a strict vegetarian, qualified in Reflexology and Aromatherapy and met a fabulous man who I married and am living happily ever after with.

Unfortunately that was not the end of the fairy tale for me. In my early thirties I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroditis, an auto-immune disease of the thyroid. The interesting thing about autoimmune disease is that cells in your immune system don’t recognise and therefore attack your own body. That got me questioning why on earth my body was eating itself. And what was going on in the hidden parts of my being that was creating the conditions for this to happen? The first thing I discovered was that the healthy choices I had been making were the most likely cause of my illness. It turns out I was allergic to the soya I had replaced meat and dairy with for over ten years. What a wake-up call that was!

Feeling desperate measures were called for, I took a deep breath and went to a tiny island, called Holy Island, just off the coast of Scotland for a three month meditation retreat. I wanted to get to know myself, the real me, the sensible part of my soul or as I like to put it, the ‘Soul Sense’ that was whispering quietly inside while I was listening to all the yelling on the surface and on the outside. The answers I hoped to find were sadly, once again not forthcoming. There was no miracle cure. I still have Hashimoto’s which I manage homeopathically, I struggle to keep my weight stable, get tired and  grumpy (occasionally honestly!) and I eventually had to face the anxiety I was going to extraordinary lengths to avoid.

It has been an amazing journey and these days I have fewer opinions and listen more, I am learning to trust my own judgment and encourage instead of berate myself into action. It has been a long and meandering adventure and I am still growing into myself. One day I will be magnificent, I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye, but for now I am settling into my skin and becoming authentic. I love wholeheartedly, laugh a lot and loudly every chance I get. I cry when I am sad and my heart breaks when I think of the suffering in the world. This is how I know I am coming alive, I am learning to accept life as it is,  getting better at keeping my balance in the midst of soaring emotions, and becoming kinder to myself and others. I am living with enthusiasm and loving it.

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