Your Coach Dashboard

Hi there, New Insights certified life coach!

Welcome to your Coach Dashboard, where you can add a new listing or manage your current listing.

If you have just subscribed to this directory and do not have a profile listed yet, please click ‘Add New Listing’ to create one. Only one profile listing is allowed for each coach who subscribes.

If you already have a directory profile listed, please click on ‘Manage Listing’ to edit your current listing. In doing so please do not be tempted to publish alternative contact details such as your email address, your website address or links to your profile on any social media.

Why not?

Well, if you do so, prospects may be encouraged to contact you directly rather than via the ‘Request a Life Coach’ facility on this site. This would prevent you (and us) from accurately gauging how effectively the Directory is in bringing you new leads 🙂