Dulci Brito

Dulci BritoDulci is President of U-Thrive International and is a successful Life Coach, Entrepreneurial Marketing Mindsets Mentor and Image Consultant.

Dulci has been an entrepreneur for all of her adult life and has substantial experience in the fields of business marketing, image and mindsets.

Under Dulci’s leadership, U-Thrive’s mission is to equip individuals and business clients with ambition, to Thrive beyond their wildest dreams! Clients will learn how to turn frustration into liberation as well as how to change their image inside and out such that they will be successful, happy and financially rewarded.

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Name of Practice: U-Thrive International
Where: Gauteng
Born: Not specified
Qualifications: Business MBA; Ministry, Image consulting, New Insights
certified life coach.
Specialises in: Entrepreneur mentoring, image consulting, life and success
Unique Selling Proposition: My coaching focuses on your life goals and
spiritual health and empowering you to use your thoughts and actions to
create positive and successful outcomes.
Fees: Provided on application. Can coach after hours and weekends.
COMENSA Registered: Yes
Website: www.dulcibrito.co.za
Contact: Click here

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About me

Hi, I’m Dulci Brito. I am a life coach for entrepreneurs. I help them remove their blocks so their business and life rocks!

From the age of nine, I recall members of my family bringing me down with their condescending and critical words. I was verbally abused and bullied.

I allowed those words to rule my life! It was like I kept myself in bondage. I was too young to understand the power I had within to rise above the criticism of others and  overcome artificial obstacles that were placed in my way by others.

Later in life I studied business, psychology, personal development, fashion and coaching. I attended many seminars and invested a lot in growing and developing as a person. I even owned several businesses but deep down those words still maintained a hold over me and I continued to feel that I was not good enough.

I took one positive step at a time each and every day and after many trials and tribulations I slowly learnt how to break my self inflicted bondage … starting with practising forgiveness.

Now I have dedicated myself to helping others thrive in life.

What I do for a living

I am a Business Marketing Mindset Mentor and an image consultant.

I have a record of helping my clients to succeed in their businesses by successfully transforming their images and mindsets in record time, every time.

I am also a Life Coach.

I worked with four life coaches and, although I learnt a lot from these experiences, I was never really satisfied. I was searching for more. Then I came across New Insights Life Coach Training and what I learnt about my beliefs and values truly helped me to break the invisible chains of fear and insecurity that I felt inside. I am pleased and happy to be associated with New Insights and to be able to use their coaching system.

I love working with people, whether as individuals, business owners or corporate clients. I take satisfaction in helping them to increase their confidence, gain motivation and turn the goals they have always dreamed about into reality … In short, to THRIVE!

How I can be of help to you

Let me equip you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

I have experience working with coaching clients nationally and Internationally. I work with a variety of people.
If you have underlying fears or obstacles holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams, I can relate to you, I have been there, I know how to help you.

I am ambitious and an enthusiastic person and I will equip you to bring out the best in you, by inspiring you and helping you to believe fully in yourself and in your abilities.

When we end up working together, I can promise you two things: We will have plenty of fun and you WILL enjoy positive results.

Thank you and BE BLESSED!


2 Responses to Dulci Brito
  1. Jackie
    Jul 23, 2014 | 12:55 pm

    Its been such a pleasure working with Dulci, I was always afraid to start my own
    business but after her coaching sessions
    I finally had the guts to open up my own business. I recommend Dulci to anyone and everyone.Dont sit and wait for your dream to be a reality TAKE ACTION! Thanx a Million U-Thrive

  2. Omozua
    Aug 28, 2015 | 9:36 pm

    Dulci’s coaching helped me sort through the various ideas and concepts that were crowding my mind, and select the ones that I really want to take forward. She asked insightful questions, that gently led me to a better awareness of my self and my ambitions. Each session left me feeling elated and excited about the tasks I’d agreed to concentrate on in the coming week. I would heartily recommend a series of coaching sessions with Dulci to anyone who needs a little help to focus on what is right for them.
    Sessions with her definitely gave me the necessary push, I needed to get my feet wet and started on my journey to change my career and improve my life.
    Thank you Dulci so much for your non-judgmental, open manner and for being a great listener.

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