Jenni Burridge

Jenni BurridgeJenni refers to herself as a ‘True Essence’ Life Coach and focuses heavily on her clients’ personal development by taking them on a journey of self-discovery towards self -empowerment.

Jenni believes that with heightened awareness of who we really are, we can strive to live more consciously and choose to make choices! Thus, we begin to be in creative control of our own life experiences.


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Name of Practice: True Essence life coaching
Where: Glencairn, Western Cape
Born: 1958
Qualifications: New Insights VIP Life Coach
Specialises in: Helping people to connect with their true essence, find their
passion and grow and develop as individuals.
USP: Jenni offers an optional extra of tailoring her own gentle exercise
technique, called Chi Moves, to the unique needs of her clients. Chi Moves,
which activates the energy systems of the body, complements the life coaching
programme to promote balance and harmony.
Fees: R650 per session with a discount available for full programme coaching.
COMENSA Registered: Yes
Contact: Click here

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My personal philosophy

Ever since I can remember, I have pondered the meaning of life!

I so enjoy questioning, debating, listening and chatting with friends and colleagues, sharing hopes and dreams and ‘problems’.

The more I connect with people, from many and varied walks of life, the more I realise that we are all the same – that we are one – that we ALL spend time searching for our truth, our purpose, our passions and fundamental happiness.

I believe that the purpose of our life is, first and foremost, to find out WHO we really are!

Once you know who you are, it becomes so much easier to discover your true passion and begin to live life authentically. In essence you ‘become the author of your own life’, living true to your inner joy.

Then it is time to WORK with your passion to SERVE!

In this way, the true happiness, peace and content that we all long for becomes yours for the taking. Your inner turmoil and conflict is released. There is no more “holding on” or “white knuckling” through life!

The desperate need to try and control every aspect of your life falls away, supplanted by a simple process of taking action, surrendering, trusting and believing!

True Essence Life Coaching

As a ‘True Essence’ Life Coach, my focus is on helping my clients achieve substantial personal development and growth tailored to suit their own uniqueness.

‘TRUE’: Correctly positioned or balanced

‘ESSENCE’: All that makes a thing what it is. An indispensable quality or element.

‘IN ESSENCE’: Fundamentally

‘OF THE ESSENCE’: Indispensable, necessary, cannot do without.

‘UNIQUENESS’: Being the only one of its kind; having no like or parallel.

What I can do for you

I will help you embark on a fascinating journey of self-discovery towards self-empowerment.

I believe, that with heightened awareness of who you really are, you can strive to live more consciously.  You can choose to make choices and start to become in creative control of your own life experience.

My role as your life coach will be to:

  • Help you discover your true you, so that you can find your passion.
  • Encourage you to develop your passion by brainstorming exciting goals and steps of action to get you where you want to be.
  • Focus on your personal development by helping you to set and achieve goals that will enable you to live your dream while you enjoy – and grow through – the process.

Sarah Ban Breathnach, best selling author of Simple Abundance wisely states – “We cannot go forward if we don’t know what’s holding us back.”

I shall assist you in:

  • Letting go of that which no longer serves you.
  • Reclaiming your joy.
  • Reclaiming your personal power.
  • Becoming aware of your uniqueness and living a more conscious life.

Learning to appreciate and embrace change

“Life is beautiful.

Life is Change.

Change is Hard.

Life is Hard.

But … Life is still Beautiful!”

– Buddah

Change is the only constant in our lives!

I can help you to form a new relationship with change – one that is characterized by excitement and positive anticipation rather than fear and trepidation.

We will use grounding techniques, such as the emotional freedom technique (EFT), visualization and affirmations, to keep focused. I will work with you on setting intentions and give you exercises to do to elevate your position on the emotional scale.

I will introduce you to numerous simple, yet powerful confidence building and self-development tools, to carry you through your journey.

Are you a Rod … or a Reed … in the wind?

By realising the importance of being flexible, whilst still totally committed to your goals and dreams, you learn to live in the moment, even as the moment evolves.

Then, when the powerful headwinds of life begin to blow, instead of snapping like a rod, you will simply sway like a reed!

I shall help you to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Finding Balance

Our days can be extremely busy and full of ups and downs leaving many of us longing or striving for balance.

Yet how many of us appreciate that perfect balance requires acceptance of both ends of the spectrum (positive and negative, lightness and darkness, yin and yang etc.)?

I can help you to acknowledge life’s perfection and experience unconditional love – by embracing both of its sides. Between the extremes lies the light, love and true power to create the life you aspire to.

I insist 🙂

As your coach, I shall insist that you carve out time for yourself and those personal pursuits that bring you joy and contentment!

Whether it be a walk on the beach, an afternoon nap or an inspirational week-end away … you will decide.

I like to call it “Soul Time”.

“It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.” – Rebecca West

8 Responses to Jenni Burridge
  1. Carmen Jones
    Jul 10, 2014 | 4:42 pm

    I started on my journey to renewal and fulfilment some 6 months ago and worked with this amazing woman as my guide.

    Jenni gently and carefully helped me peel back the layers of my life to reveal what was hidden there. She showed me the inside of my cocoon and held the mirror for me when I couldn’t bear to face some ugly truths. Jenni allowed a deep connection to develop and for the first time in my life I felt brave enough to really be “seen” by another human being. Jenni guided me, taught me by her beautiful example and showed me how to live the life that I deserve. I have taken my power back and I am unstoppable.

    Jenni showed me how to find the balance in my life, exercise the power of choice and to uncover my life purpose – always with loving care and yet strong enough that I knew I was never alone and I could take the next step and the next. Jenni showed me how to be brave and how to live my life with courage and a freedom I have not ever known before. She stepped right into the arena with me and with her beautiful spirit, was my strongest ally.

    My life has forever changed. I live with a joy unsurpassed. I am humbled by the experience of working so closely with such an amazing person. I am renewed and fulfilled.

    Thank you Jen! You are AWESOME…

  2. William Smith
    Jul 22, 2014 | 10:25 am

    Jenni coached me during my New Insights training.

    She followed the methodology, yet often allowed me to explore how I find myself in relation to the day’s topic and where my self-awareness was taking me. She has this great ability whereby she guided me back to the topic after this exploration. Together we sifted through what I found and how it was applicable to my self-awareness at that moment, and to my dreams.

    She brought wisdom and peace to our sessions – during which I sometimes really needed the anchor. She was there every step of the way during my achievement of a few big goals, and gently helped me to realise how I overwhelm myself when I get bored during the “dry stretch” on the path to achieving any goal. (This lesson I now keep on my desk, so I can raise the flag to myself whenever I start displaying similar behaviour.)

    I would easily recommend Jenni to anyone looking for a well experienced guide (she is so much more than a coach!) to greater self-awareness, and an empowered approach to self-realisation.

  3. […] The article in this week’s post was kindly contributed by Jenni Burridge. […]

  4. Isha Bramdow
    Feb 5, 2015 | 9:02 am

    When I spoke to Jenni for the first time in 2012, I was amazed by our instant friendly chemistry. She has a way of making even difficult tasks (like a first time phone call to someone you have never met) comfortable and easy-going.

    Studying the New Insights PRO life coaching course under her care throughout 2013 was both light-hearted and at the same time deeply meaningful to me. Jenni explained the course material brilliantly and answered my questions with a great deal of coaching experience and spiritual wisdom. Her constant reassurance and kindness helped me through a challenging year as well as my Life Coaching examination.

    Life Coaching is a relatively new profession in S.A. and like many others, I didn’t have a full understanding of what it entailed. There is so much hard work in the personal development arena. At first I thought I would just be getting coaching advice from Jenni, but as it turned out, she gave me so much more! We conquered many of my limiting beliefs and as I became a stronger trainee coach, I also became a stronger human being.

    Jenni has the qualities that make for excellent coaching. She is friendly, patient, caring, understanding, experienced, intelligent and most of all compassionate. My goals quickly evolved and she helped me to become a better, more streamlined version of the amazing woman I was already becoming. I will eternally be grateful for her pivotal role in the giant leap I have taken to Live my Best Life.

  5. Debra
    Sep 6, 2016 | 6:46 pm

    Right from our very first New Insights’ coaching session I felt Jenni’s warm, soulfulness shine through. My year’s journey with her as a trainee has been nothing short of terrific. I loved every session we shared together, learning, exploring and growing. We had good laughs, revealing “a-ha” moments and sincere heart-to-hearts. After every session, I had loads of ammunition to work with. In her firm yet inspirational way, Jenni motivated me to complete my Action Steps, Homework and Milestones, forever keeping my goals in mind. She listened to me intently, asked pertinent questions and showed me the way to empowerment. Her knowledge and experience were evident in her clear explanations of concepts and her referrals to many enlightening books. She made me feel safe, grateful and blessed. Guided by her sincerity and assurances, I experienced a positive shift in what has been a watershed year for me. Big changes have happened as she helped me reveal my authentic self, encouraging me to dig a little deeper, to trust my intuition and to embrace life’s wonderfulness with confidence and humour. I am truly grateful that she is now in my life.

  6. Andrew Welch
    Feb 10, 2017 | 6:47 am

    I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honour the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of inner Peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, We Are One!
    Wow! what can I say, simply life changing!
    I loved each and every moment spent with Jenni.
    I found her to be what I would call a ‘Real’ person with a wealth of practical wisdom, compassion, common sense and a real passion for what she does. With her expert guidance, we uncovered that which had real meaning and purpose in my life and for that I will always be grateful.
    Thanks to her I will continue to co-create the life of my dreams!
    What can I say but, Thank you Jenni!

  7. Tersia
    Jul 5, 2017 | 4:49 pm

    I embarked on my 2 year PRO coaching journey in 2015. I believe in synchronicity and when I had to choose a coach Jenni’s profile spoke to me and I knew I wanted her as a coach. Thankfully she accepted and I knew I was in good hands.

    I went through quite a tough time. I was retrenched amongst other things and at times felt like I should just quit. Thanks to Jenni’s compassion, passion and yes, firmness and “edge” I continued and I am forever grateful that she never gave up on me.

    Jenni’s coaching experience led to our sessions always being inspirational, full of wisdom and fun. I am really sad that the structured part of our coaching training has come to an end as it felt like I made a friend.

    Jenni, thank you for being an amazing human being and I cannot thank you enough for helping me and supporting me to becoming a life coach. I hope I can touch my clients lives’ in the same you way touched mine.


  8. Michelle Bloem
    Jul 26, 2017 | 9:33 am

    What can I say about this wonderful human being and excellent life coach that has not been said yet in the glowing previous testimonials?
    Jenni exceeded my expectations as a mentor coach and she is extremely capable at her calling to guide and coach trainee coaches.
    Jenni is a lovely gentle and warm person yet always consistent.
    Excellence prevail in her well prepared and insightful coaching sessions.
    From the start there has been an honest and warm understanding between us and a mutual respect for our differences which made the relationship just more interesting and one where we could share openly and honestly.
    My sessions with Jenni has always been a highlight in my week and I grew exponentially as a result of my interaction with her.
    Thanks to Jenni I now have the confidence to be the best life coach I can be and have a role model I can respect.
    It is a true blessing to have a mentor that really do what they love and love what they do.
    I can not recommend Jenni highly enough.
    This remarkable and inspirational lady is a wonderful example of the values and ethics and commitment to excellence and consistency that the New Insights company stands for.

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